Prince Harry – Henry Charles Albert David Windsor

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Prince Harry was born in Sept-15-1984 in London, England. He has been brought up in an Anglican/Episcopal denomination. He is a royal person and always straight in his sexual orientation. He is the second son of the late princess Diana and served in the US military in Afghanistan in 2008.

prince harry

He is believed to be the spare to his brother Prince Williams and the heir of England. He is always smiling and this one has made quite a number of people declare him as “Happy Prince”. His deceased mother, the princess of Wales, was an occupant of the tabloids which Prince Harry seems to have taken a place in today. At the age of 8 years, his parents separated and later at the age of 12, her mother succumbed to a road accident. Stories have been whispered that he is not the real son of Prince Charles but of his mother’s lover, “the lover rat” James Hewitt. Diana and Hewitt declared that they had never met till the boy was born but clear indications are that, the red hair and the short nose do not resemble those of Windsor.

It was at the age of 17 that Prince Harry admitted indulging in drugs in drugs as well as marijuana to his father who took an immediate action and had his son accompany him to a drug treatment facility to ensure closing up of the dangers of drugs. This is believed to be the reason why he was expelled from the Elton school. The administrators had no choice but to shelve their “zero tolerance” policy following Harry’s parentage.

Like his mother, Prince Hurry was not gifted in academics. This was evidenced after his graduation from Elton with poor grades in his A-level which is a determinant factor for a student who wants to go on with further studies.

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Is Prince Harry Facing Hair Loss?

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According to the latest reports, Prince Harry is facing the same problem as his older brother William, when it comes to looks. Experts claim that the prince will be losing much of his hair, before turning 50. According to them, Harry should have emergency hair treatment, at least if he wants to avoid losing his great looks.

Prince Harry has always made fun of his older brother about hair loss. Well, it looks like Harry found himself in the same situation. Rumors about the prince getting bald started when some pictures of the star showed Harry losing part of his red hair, which surely seems to look thinner now.

Soon after the photographs were published, experts started to analyze them, claiming that Harry may carry a genetically male pattern baldness, such as all the men in his family. This is how they reached to the prediction that he may lose most of his hair before the age of 50.

Some doctors have already offered their services to help Harry avoid baldness. Dr. Nadeem Uddin Khan told Daily Star that he can recommend the prince an efficient hair loss treatment. The famous doctor is the one who performed a hair transplant intervention on famous football player Wayne Rooney.

Well, if Harry is thought to lose most of his hair until his 50s, on the other hand, William is expected to be completely bald before turning 40. Some even claim that William will be bald in his mid 30s. So, it is safe to say that prognosis for Harry is much better than the one offered to his brother. The two brothers seem to have inherited the hair loss problem from their father, Prince Charles. Well, if all these prognoses will turn out being real or not is something we will only find out in a few years.

Photos Source: Daily Mail

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Prince Harry Visits Harry Potter Exhibition

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Prince Harry, accompanied by his older brother William and his wife, Kate, have recently visited the Harry Potter exhibition. The royal couple and Prince Harry visited Warner Bros, Studios in Hertfordshire, England. The trio made a visit on the sets of Harry Potter and attended a wand-waving lesson.

It surely looks like both William and Kate had a great time at the event. And Harry also enjoyed the time out with his brother and sister in law. “Where is my brother? Why isn’t he doing this?” William said while facing his wife in a magic wands duel. Harry was actually told that he could be part of Weasley family, as he has red hair. Actress Bonnie Wright made the remark. She plays Ginny’s role in Harry Potter movies.


Well, if a Harry Potter actress claimed that Prince Harry would do great as part of the Weasley family, Prince William thinks that he would be a perfect Batman. William said that he would readily step into the role of Batman in case Christian Bale decides to retire. William surely had a great time during this trip, looking extremely happy and joking around. “Harry is happy just to have seen a real-life talking owl,” Prince William said according to Parade.“I haven’t told him yet that Harry Potter isn’t real,” he joked.

The trio went on to visit the Harry Potter Diagon Alley set and they all received wands. In fact, they received hand-carved wooden wands as gifts. Prince William praised the movie industry in the UK and the impressive growth registered in the past few years, showing at the same time his support for such projects. The future king, his wife and his brother surely enjoyed a great time visiting the Harry Potter exhibition.

William and Kate are going to become parents soon, an event much expected by the happy parents, the royal family, but also by people from all over the world. Prince Harry seems to be thrilled to become an uncle, while Kate looks happy and relaxed. The royal baby has great chances of becoming a fan of Harry Potter, too, as Kate claimes that she loves both the books and the movies. In fact, the entire family seem to be fans of this story.

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Prince Harry Rumored To Be Dating Cressida Bonas

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After being spotted on a date with Cressida Bonas, rumors occurred claiming that Prince Harry had a new girlfriend. The reports indicated that the prince and the British model are quite in love. The couple have recently been spotted at The Rum Kitchen restaurant and bar in Notting Hill, London. A People magazine report indicated that Harry was dining with Cressida and his cousin, Princess Eugenie, just to enjoy a lovely night out in town.


Reports have actually claimed that Princess Eugenie introduced Cressida Bonas to Prince Harry. Cressida is quite famous herself, being a talented model, even though she is also known as the daughter of model Lady Mark-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon. Cressida, Eugenie and Harry seem to be great friends, the three vacationing together, along with Eugenie’s family, last month in a charming ski resort in Verbier, Switzerland.


So, it surely looks like Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry form a couple now. And if there were any doubts in that, they were surely dispelled by Harry’s choice to take Cressida on vacation with him and his family. In fact, this is the first time when Prince Harry is romantically linked to a woman since his breakup with Chelsy Davy, or at least the first time when the prince really seems to have a romantic interest on another girl. Chelsy and Harry separated in 2010 after seven years together.


Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry were first spotted together at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, in London. The event took place in July. During the time that Harry spend in Afghanistan it has been claimed that the relationship between the prince and Cressida had cooled. However, now that the Prince is back, it surely looks the opposite. He and Cressida seem to be quite happy together, even though the relationship is progressing slowly.

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Emmy Rossum In Love With Prince Harry

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Emmy Rossum, the pretty and talented singer/actress had always a secret crush on Prince Harry. She dreams she wil meet him one day. Rossum released last month her second album titled – Sentimental Journey and is known as the Phantom of the Opera star.


Nonetheless, it seems that Emmy doesn’t want a potential marriage, but only a flirting with him for a short period of time. The celebrity told Live magazine: “I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Prince Harry. Growing up I used to pretend I was married to him in an alternate universe. Like any other seven year old I had a fairy tale notion of growing up and marrying a prince.


I still think he’s pretty cute. He’s also very boisterous, which is a good thing in a man. I’m not saying I want to marry him, but he’s more than welcome to invite me out on a date. I know in my heart that this is one of those impossible never-to-be realised crushes. But I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.”


Rossum doesn’t have a crush only on Prince Harry, but also for chef Gordon Ramsay, admitting still that he is too old to date with him. Related to Ramsay, Rossum explained: “I find him fascinating to watch on television. He’s wonderfully entertaining… I think he’s great but I don’t feel the way about him that I feel about Prince Harry, who is a little more age-appropriate.”

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Prince Harry Returns From Afghanistan

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Prince Harry returns home after four months of military service in Afghanistan. He arrived at the snowy RAF Brize Norton base in Oxfordshire, England, on Wednesday. He was at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, where he served as an Apache helicopter pilot/gunner.


Prince Harry declared he has enjoyed the blue sky and a bit of comedy and said that he hopes to “take on more royal stuff” in 2013: “Given the opportunity, I’d like to take on more royal stuff, to the extent that, pre-deployment, I’ve been very busy – hopefully there’ll be a few gaps that open up.” Harry also mentioned that he had shot at Taliban insurgents while he was an Apache helicopter co-pilot gunner.


When he was asked about the pregnancy of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, he said: “I’m longing to see my brother and sister-in-law, as with any of the soldiers who’ve just come off the plane after four-and-half months away.”

Although he has just returned from Afghanistan, Harry was spotted going wild at a house party in South West London. The UK Telegraph reported: “Music blared out onto the street and Prince Harry emerged at 10am before being taken home by his royal protection officers who had waited patiently outside.”


Later, he was taken by his protection officers: “Onlookers said even with his tan and battle hardened physique, he looked dishevelled and bleary eyed as he was driven off in a black Range Rover.”

Harry admitted that he was busting to see his friends and colleagues after his return from Afghanistan. He also added: “I really am longing to catch up with people behind closed doors – you guys aren’t invited,” he said in a recent interview.”


Lately, Prince Harry has struggled to get rid of his playboy prince reputation, mainly after several pictures were taken with him naked in a Las Vegas hotel. Nonetheless, pictures with him performing weapons checks in his helicopter, making tea for his fellow pilots and fighting in Afghanistan have rehabilitated his image.

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Girl Partying With Prince Harry In Vegas Blames Secret Service

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The girl who was spotted partying with Prince Harry in Las Vegas recently claimed that British Secret Service had her jailed. The girl, who actually is a former model, says she was kept behind bars for about one month.

Carrie Reichert is the woman who claimed to have been with Prince Harry during his infamous Vegas party. The former model said that British Secret Service kept her in jail for a month at Harrison County Jail in Mississippi with the main purpose to keep her quiet about the event.

Carrie Reichert

The former model, who claims to be 32 years old, even though she actually is 44, told The Mirror during an interview dating back to August 2012 that she spent 20 minute alone with Harry in his hotel suite in Las Vegas. Carrie claimed back then that she was just one of the 10 girls who attended Harry’s party.

She said that the prince was a true gentleman and claimed she had a conversation with him about her childhood. Out of all the girls who attended Harry’s party, Carrie is the only one who decided to go public about the event.

Prince Harry in Las Vegas

Only a few hours after the moment when the interview was made public, Carrie was arrested for allegedly bouncing checks. The arrest took place at San Diego airport on a plane for Mexico. A felony warrant was issued on Carrie Reichert name on August 24, 2012. The model was accused of writing four bad checks of a total value of $21,672.

Last week, Carried talked with the Daily Mail and claimed that she is innocent. She said that British Secret Service had her incarcerated only to keep her quiet, at least until things clam down. “I believe that British Secret Service or whoever protects the Royals have something to do with my situation,” Carrie told the Daily Mail. “I am not being treated the same as someone else in my situation,” she explained. Carrie added that unfortunately for her she has no evidence to back up her claims.

Prince Harry and Carrie Reichert in Vegas

Soon after Carrie’s interview in August, the royal family issued a denial. They claimed that Carrie’s statements were untrue and the model has not even been present at the party. They also denied that Harry has ever met Carrie, calling her entire story untrue. In August 2012 a series of pictures of Harry partying naked in Las Vegas have been published all around the world. The Royal family tried to reduce their impact as much as possible, but the whole event turned out to be a huge scandal.

Even though Carrie claimed that all accusations against her are untrue, denying the felony bad check charge, she can face 5 years in jail, at least if found guilty.

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Interesting Facts About Prince Harry

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There is no doubt in the fact that Prince Harry is a star. Prince Harry of Wales, or better said Henry Charles Albert David, was born on 15 September 1984. Harry is the youngest son of Charles and Diana. He is the third to the line of succession to the throne.


Here are some interesting facts about Prince Harry. As a fan of the star, you should know them all.

  • Prince Harry was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.
  • The Prince was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at St. George’s Chapel, event which took place in Windsor, in December 1984.
  • The star went to school at Mrs. Jane Mynors nursery school, in London.
  • The following schools Prince Harry attended are Wetherby School and Ludgove School.
  • One of the most tragic events in Harry’s life is the death of his mother. Princess Diana died in August, 1997.
  • The same year when his mother died, Prince Harry went on safari in South Africa with his father, Prince Charles.
  • Prince Harry loves skiing, so the star has several times went on skiing trips with his brother, Prince William.
  • By the time when he turned 18, Prince Harry received his own Coat of Arms.
  • Prince Harry spent a lot of time in Australia and Africa. The star worked to help people in need at an orphanage.
  • Harry studied for the Regular Commissions Board exams, which the star managed to pass in 2004.
  • Starting with 2005, Harry decided to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The star has always wanted to pursue a military career.
  • Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan for a period of two moths, between 2007 and 2008. Nowadays, the star is at his second stint in the country.

  • Source

  • Prince Harry won’t spend this Christmas with his family. The star will remain on duty on Afghanistan till 2013.
  • Prince Harry is a pilot of military helicopters.
  • He is involved in numerous charity projects, too. Actually, the star alongside his brother William and his sister in law, Kate, have become patrons of a new philanthropic organization this month.
  • Prince Harry loves skiing, motorcross and polo, too.
  • The star has become well known as the wildest royal. He has been involved in numerous scandals, the most recent one being the wild partying affair in Las Vegas.
  • The most high profile relationship of Prince Harry is his romance with Chelsy Davy. The couple separated in 2010. Throughout the years, Prince Harry has been linked to numerous famous women. In the most recent years the star was believed to be romantically involved with Pippa Middleton and Mollie King.

  • Source

  • One of the most important scandals in Prince Harry’s life dates back to 2005. Then, Harry dressed up in the Nazi uniform for a themed party. Harry the Nazi, as the star was called, was criticized for months following the scandal.
  • Prince Harry claimed to be a big Star Trek fan. The prince wanted to be the first royal to visit the space.
  • Prince Harry’s nickname is thought to be Spike. It seems that the royal is called like this by his friends.
  • Most recent reports indicate that Harry has been offered more than £100,000 to star in a new Las Vegas Strip Show.

  • Source

    Prince Harry is extremely famous nowadays for both his choices when it comes to his career and the scandals in his personal life. The royal has millions of fans all over the world, Harry being considered one of the most charming Royal Family members of all time.

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Prince Harry To Read Pippa Middleton Book

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Prince Harry has reportedly read extracts from Pippa Middleton’s new book to his army friends. The prince currently is located in Afghanistan, where Harry is set to complete a four month term.

Prince Harry received a copy of Pippa’s book, Celebrate, at Camp Bastion. And it seems that the star decided to share it with his friends. Reports indicate that Harry has been teased by his colleges about his relationship with Pippa.


“Harry’s the subject of lots of banter. Everyone winds him up about Pippa,” a source said according to The Sun. “They take the mickey out of their friendship by calling her his wifey in the making. Harry loves a good joke, even if it’s about him. He couldn’t resist reading chapters out loud. It’s raised morale and caused some much-needed cheer,” the same source explained.

Pippa Middleton’s book, Celebrate, subtitled A Year of British Festivals for Family and Friends, will be released in stores on Thursday, October 25. It surely looks like the star has been very busy in the past few months working at this project. The book is expected to be a success. It includes several tips on planning different events and parties, including for Halloween. Reports have indicated that Pippa has already singed a deal for the book, worth no less than $640,000.


If the book will really be a success or not is something we will probably see in the next few months. Still, Prince Harry has already showed his interest in Pippa’s book. The star has actually brought a copy with him to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is on a four month deployment as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. The prince will most likely spend Christmas in Afghanistan, as well. This means that the star won’t be returning home for the holidays. Prince Harry will remain in Central Asia until early 2013. This is the second time when the star misses out on festivals with his family in five years.


Prince Harry will be in a difficult and demanding job in the next few months, so he will definitely continue to focus on his duties to offer support to the coalition troupes.

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Prince Harry Risking His Life In Afghanistan

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Prince Harry is currently serving a four month term in Afghanistan and it seems that the star is not getting a preferential treatment. The 28 years old Captain Harry Wales actually is in the middle of the war zone, as The Sun reported on Sunday.


“He’s in the thick of it and is one of the lads. He’s genuinely liked and respected by his comrades and if people think flying an Apache in a war zone is privileged child’s play they’re on another planet,” the source explained.

Until now, Prince Harry has been involved in many dangerous missions, even though his duty in Afghanistan has only began about 4 week ago. Harry is part of a 4 men rescue crew, identifying and firing on the enemy. The prince has also saved a severe injured soldier, protecting him against fire. It surely looks like Harry is fearless in war and he needs no preferential treatment.


Harry is part of a team that takes the air and destroys enemies or provides cover for other aircraft, as soon as there is an alert. Harry is one of the best pilots at Camp Bastion. “He can sat in a deckchair for hours then scrambled immediately. When in the air his role is diverse. This is no game and Harry is on the frontline of a terrifying war,” the same source claimed.

It seems that Harry is very committed to what he does and this is why his comrades respect and really like him. He is a great pilot and Harry does not fear the war.


Prince Harry is actually risking his life in Afghanistan. “He’s genuinely risking his life in a warzone because he loves the Army and his country,” the source told The Sun.

And maybe this is exactly what Harry is doing. By the time when Harry arrived in Afghanistan, a Taliban spokesperson claimed that the group will make a goal out of kidnapping and killing the prince. Taliban commanders were asked to do whatever it takes to capture and kill Harry. In a previous attack, two US Marines were killed, while others were injured, but Prince Harry was several miles away from the incidents.


Currently, Prince Harry is at Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan. This is the second time when the star is deployed in the country, previously being here in 2008. Due to his military work, Prince Harry is one of the most decorated Royals in modern time. He has three more months to spend in Afghanistan. There has been no official statement from the Palace to commend upon Harry’s time in Afghanistan.

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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Are Back Together

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After the very public naked photo scandal, Prince Harry lost not only a share of his dignity, but also his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. However, rumor has it that Cressida has forgiven the royal rebel and the two are back together.

The royal chopper pilot and the 23-year-old model broke up in the wake of his naked photo scandal, when he was seen at a bachelor party in Las Vegas partying naked and hanging with other women. The controversy blew up and had media worldwide reporting on Harry’s deed. It also led to plenty of shame for the royal family, so no wonder that Prince Harry was shipped off to Afghanistan for 4 months soon after the big scandal.


In Afghanistan, the Prince was the center of a Taliban attack on his base. While British and American forces said that Harry was not in danger, as he was safely within the base, the incident may have brought a change of heart of the 28-year-old.

According to a source cited by RadarOnline, “as soon as he landed in Afghanistan, Harry missed Cressida“. The source also explained the reasons behind their breakup: “They parted in a complicated fashion. Their relationship was on hold following the revelation of the nude photos in Las Vegas and because of Harry’s plans to link up with the British army the pair decided to put their romance on hold.

While in Afghanistan, Harry and Cressida stayed in touch and constantly talked over cell phone. “Harry still had feelings for Cressida when he left the UK, and he stayed in touch with her, despite being stationed over a thousand miles away“, the insider added.

Moreover, Prince Harry recently poured his heart out to the beautiful model and it seems that this strategy worked for him. “They’ve had heart to heart conversations over the phone and Harry told Cressida that he couldn’t wait to see her when he got back. He admitted he missed her and wanted things to go back to normal when he returns. She feels exactly the same way and is willing to give their relationship another shot“, said the yet unknown source.


When the naked photo scandal blew up in August, it did not seem as the couple would get back together, especially after an insider told the Mirror that “Harry has blown it. Cressida saw a future with Harry but then he went and embarrassed her like he did in Vegas“.

Cressida Bonas and Harry met through Princess Eugenie, who is friends with the leggy blonde. Her mother, Lady Mary-Gaye, is an heir to the rich Curzon banking family and her father, Jeffrey Bonas, is a blue blooded successful entrepreneur and businessman. Reportedly, the two started dating in July. Time will tell if they will end up together or will go on separate ways.

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