Prince Harry And Kate Middleton At The Olympics

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The Royal family seems to be very interested in the Olympic Games, which are currently taking place in London. Actually, the fact that the three Royal family members, Prince William, Prince Harry and Duchess Kate, have been spotted together attending the Olympics, has become a subject of speculation. The closeness between Kate and Harry has raised rumors on the existence of a potential love triangle.


Pictures of Harry and Kate giggling, joking and engaging in intimate conversations during the Olympics have much increased these rumors. It has been claimed that even though there may no love triangle here, which is most likely, the public interaction between Harry and Kate is highly inappropriate, having under consideration the context.

Prince Harry, who has always been called the Playboy Prince or the Party Prince, is considered to be the wild child of the Royal family.


Despite the rumors, Prince William has no problem with the closeness between his wife and his younger brother. After all, everything takes place in the public eye and the two seem to have nothing to hide. Kate and Harry have never been spotted by the paparazzi hiding to talk, so their relationship seems to be innocent.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate, Harry and William share a mutually supportive relationship and actually Kate and Harry have been friends for long. Harry met Kate about the same time with his brother, and now he just sees her as a big sister.


The Examiner wrote that Harry thinks of Kate as “the sister I never had,” and this is exactly how the relationship between the two should be described. “Prince Harry is absurdly proud of the Duchess as his sister-in-law, and is very supportive and protective of her,” a source told the publication.

Kate and Harry will be the only Royal Family members to attend the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games next week. William has already announced that he will be missing the event, being busy with his work. William has been called back to his Air Force duties.


Kate, William and Harry have attended most of the events since the Olympic games began. While Kate was spotted at gymnastics, swimming and sailing competition, Harry attended cycling. The star was recently seen in the velodrome, supporting the Great Britain team. Sarah Ferguson and her two daughters Eugenie and Beatrice were also present, but Harry avoided the encounter. 

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