Prince Harry’s Life Is Endangered

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Prince Harry has just began serving as a chopper pilot in Afghanistan. During this fourth-month tour, Prince Harry will participate in combat missions against the Taliban.

Nonetheless, it’s not his first experience of this kind, but the second. The first Afghanistan deployment lasted 10 weeks and took place in Helmand province between 2007-2008. Prince Harry was pulled out after media discovered and reported his secret deployment.


Harry is known in the military as Captain Wales and is the first member of the Royal Family to see active combat since Prince Andrew, his uncle, who fought in the Falklands war.

Prince Harry will have many difficult tasks and he will be at higher risks during this experience. Jock Gordon, the Royal Navy Captain, Commander of the Joint Aviation Group, declared: “Captain Wales, with his previous experience as a Forward Air Controller on operations, will be a useful asset. He will be in a difficult and demanding job. And I ask that he be left to get on with his duties and allowed to focus on delivering support to the coalition troops on the ground.”


The prince is qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot, after training 18 months in the UK and the US. Recently, a Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid said that the terror group will do anything to kidnap or kill Prince Harry: “We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping. We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him.”


The British government didn’t comment on these threats against Prince Harry. Nevertheless, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said: “That’s not a matter of concern. We do everything we can to protect all our troops deployed to Afghanistan, whatever might be their personal background.” For the moment, Prince Harry is stationed at Camp Bastion in Helmand province, on the front line.

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“The Least Royal” Royal

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Prince Harry is a prince by casualty and he sure acts this way. If you want to know more about “the least royal” royal you can read about the prince in his biography, written by Mark Saunders, book which you can buy here or you can spend your time perusing through all the materials posted on our website. In any case, one of the most interesting things about Prince Harry is that he has all the perks of being a royal, but in the same time he has no obligations, as Prince William. And that is why Prince Harry always acted as a regular teenager and young man, while his brother was always obedient and respectful, avoiding to get into trouble, as he is the future king of Great Britain. 

Apparently, his late mother, Princess Diana, considered that Harry was the one perfect for the role, but the law indicates William as the heir of the throne of the United Kingdom, of course, following his father’s death. All these seem very far away and right now, “the good king”, as Lady Di used to call him is the third in line to the throne. Surprises may appear, of course, but Prince Harry doesn’t hesitate to live his life fully without paying too much attention at what others have to say about him.

Right now, all eyes are on Prince Harry because Prince William is now taken and has settled into married life. Harry wants to be a regular person, but because he is a royal, he was many times called a “bad boy”, label a regular man would not have received for the actions for which he received it. It’s important not to forget that even if he loves to party, Harry is working all the time and he is very deep involved in charity works, exactly like his mother. 

More details on the current life of the dashing prince and on the reasons all the media is watching him you can learn by watching the video bellow, introduced by Katie Couric.

Unfortunately for him, Prince Harry cannot be a regular man. Born and raised in one of the oldest royal families in the world, he will be in the spotlight for the rest of his life, no matter what he does.

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Ups! He Did It Again!

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Either Prince Harry knows how to find trouble or trouble knows how to find Prince Harry. Not sure which variant is the right one, but it is clear that among the two brothers: he and Prince William, Harry is the troublemaker. While Prince William had a long-term relationship and eventually married the girl, now his wife, Duchess Catherine, the younger prince leads a carefree life which leads his family to exasperation, especially when pictures of him having fun hit the Internet. Recently, the biggest issue concerning Prince Harry involves his nude pictures taken in Las Vegas. His new stint landed him on the front page of British and international tabloids and also in the top of Google searches.

While in the United States of America in mid August, Prince Harry partied like a rock star and everyone with Internet access had the chance to find out and to see it. While in Las Vegas, he rented a VIP suite in a luxurious hotel and invited some friends to have fun over a game of strip billiard. This turned rapidly in a huge party after the prince and his entourage went down (fully dressed) and met some girls in the hotel’s bar. Eventually, they all returned to the suite and resumed the game.

It is clear that someone from the party was not very embarrassed and took a lot of pictures. The royal family of the United Kingdom was so appalled with this new adventure of Prince Harry that their rep didn’t had any comment immediately after the incident. If you want to see the pictures of a nude and probably drunk Prince Harry, you can check them here, but pay attention because these are NSFW.

And as you probably know already, Prince Harry has a history of mishaps.

He was seen drunk and falling after leaving a club.


He also made a huge gaffe by wearing a Nazi uniform at a Halloween party.


He was photographed drinking vodka directly from the bottle at a party.


 At some point, the younger prince was even photographed touching a woman in an inappropriate manner.


It’s clear that Prince Harry is sort of a party animal, but unfortunately for him, this is not what’s expected from him, as member of the royal family. If he will stop with these antics and eventually settle down it still remains to be seen.

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