Prince Harry To Read Pippa Middleton Book

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Prince Harry has reportedly read extracts from Pippa Middleton’s new book to his army friends. The prince currently is located in Afghanistan, where Harry is set to complete a four month term.

Prince Harry received a copy of Pippa’s book, Celebrate, at Camp Bastion. And it seems that the star decided to share it with his friends. Reports indicate that Harry has been teased by his colleges about his relationship with Pippa.


“Harry’s the subject of lots of banter. Everyone winds him up about Pippa,” a source said according to The Sun. “They take the mickey out of their friendship by calling her his wifey in the making. Harry loves a good joke, even if it’s about him. He couldn’t resist reading chapters out loud. It’s raised morale and caused some much-needed cheer,” the same source explained.

Pippa Middleton’s book, Celebrate, subtitled A Year of British Festivals for Family and Friends, will be released in stores on Thursday, October 25. It surely looks like the star has been very busy in the past few months working at this project. The book is expected to be a success. It includes several tips on planning different events and parties, including for Halloween. Reports have indicated that Pippa has already singed a deal for the book, worth no less than $640,000.


If the book will really be a success or not is something we will probably see in the next few months. Still, Prince Harry has already showed his interest in Pippa’s book. The star has actually brought a copy with him to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is on a four month deployment as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. The prince will most likely spend Christmas in Afghanistan, as well. This means that the star won’t be returning home for the holidays. Prince Harry will remain in Central Asia until early 2013. This is the second time when the star misses out on festivals with his family in five years.


Prince Harry will be in a difficult and demanding job in the next few months, so he will definitely continue to focus on his duties to offer support to the coalition troupes.

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Prince Harry Risking His Life In Afghanistan

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Prince Harry is currently serving a four month term in Afghanistan and it seems that the star is not getting a preferential treatment. The 28 years old Captain Harry Wales actually is in the middle of the war zone, as The Sun reported on Sunday.


“He’s in the thick of it and is one of the lads. He’s genuinely liked and respected by his comrades and if people think flying an Apache in a war zone is privileged child’s play they’re on another planet,” the source explained.

Until now, Prince Harry has been involved in many dangerous missions, even though his duty in Afghanistan has only began about 4 week ago. Harry is part of a 4 men rescue crew, identifying and firing on the enemy. The prince has also saved a severe injured soldier, protecting him against fire. It surely looks like Harry is fearless in war and he needs no preferential treatment.


Harry is part of a team that takes the air and destroys enemies or provides cover for other aircraft, as soon as there is an alert. Harry is one of the best pilots at Camp Bastion. “He can sat in a deckchair for hours then scrambled immediately. When in the air his role is diverse. This is no game and Harry is on the frontline of a terrifying war,” the same source claimed.

It seems that Harry is very committed to what he does and this is why his comrades respect and really like him. He is a great pilot and Harry does not fear the war.


Prince Harry is actually risking his life in Afghanistan. “He’s genuinely risking his life in a warzone because he loves the Army and his country,” the source told The Sun.

And maybe this is exactly what Harry is doing. By the time when Harry arrived in Afghanistan, a Taliban spokesperson claimed that the group will make a goal out of kidnapping and killing the prince. Taliban commanders were asked to do whatever it takes to capture and kill Harry. In a previous attack, two US Marines were killed, while others were injured, but Prince Harry was several miles away from the incidents.


Currently, Prince Harry is at Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan. This is the second time when the star is deployed in the country, previously being here in 2008. Due to his military work, Prince Harry is one of the most decorated Royals in modern time. He has three more months to spend in Afghanistan. There has been no official statement from the Palace to commend upon Harry’s time in Afghanistan.

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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Are Back Together

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After the very public naked photo scandal, Prince Harry lost not only a share of his dignity, but also his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. However, rumor has it that Cressida has forgiven the royal rebel and the two are back together.

The royal chopper pilot and the 23-year-old model broke up in the wake of his naked photo scandal, when he was seen at a bachelor party in Las Vegas partying naked and hanging with other women. The controversy blew up and had media worldwide reporting on Harry’s deed. It also led to plenty of shame for the royal family, so no wonder that Prince Harry was shipped off to Afghanistan for 4 months soon after the big scandal.


In Afghanistan, the Prince was the center of a Taliban attack on his base. While British and American forces said that Harry was not in danger, as he was safely within the base, the incident may have brought a change of heart of the 28-year-old.

According to a source cited by RadarOnline, “as soon as he landed in Afghanistan, Harry missed Cressida“. The source also explained the reasons behind their breakup: “They parted in a complicated fashion. Their relationship was on hold following the revelation of the nude photos in Las Vegas and because of Harry’s plans to link up with the British army the pair decided to put their romance on hold.

While in Afghanistan, Harry and Cressida stayed in touch and constantly talked over cell phone. “Harry still had feelings for Cressida when he left the UK, and he stayed in touch with her, despite being stationed over a thousand miles away“, the insider added.

Moreover, Prince Harry recently poured his heart out to the beautiful model and it seems that this strategy worked for him. “They’ve had heart to heart conversations over the phone and Harry told Cressida that he couldn’t wait to see her when he got back. He admitted he missed her and wanted things to go back to normal when he returns. She feels exactly the same way and is willing to give their relationship another shot“, said the yet unknown source.


When the naked photo scandal blew up in August, it did not seem as the couple would get back together, especially after an insider told the Mirror that “Harry has blown it. Cressida saw a future with Harry but then he went and embarrassed her like he did in Vegas“.

Cressida Bonas and Harry met through Princess Eugenie, who is friends with the leggy blonde. Her mother, Lady Mary-Gaye, is an heir to the rich Curzon banking family and her father, Jeffrey Bonas, is a blue blooded successful entrepreneur and businessman. Reportedly, the two started dating in July. Time will tell if they will end up together or will go on separate ways.

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Prince Harry – Great For Vegas Tourism

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The recent scandal that Prince Harry has been involved in has put the city of Las Vegas back on the map. It seems that Prince Harry, involuntarily, managed to make Las Vegas the number one tourist destination in the United States.


Vegas officials recently declared that the free publicity the scandal has made this city has been great. In fact, the publicity that Prince Harry’s latest scandal brought Las Vegas is believed to be worth no less than $23 million. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has recently released a report in which it states that Harry’s naked pictures were accessed by over 154 million people. The pictures were taken in Harry’s hotel room in Las Vegas, back in August 2012. Since that moment about 2 million people have seen Harry’s naked photos per day.

The figures are amazing, but how much tourism has been generated by this free publicity, cannot be estimated. However, it is believed that the whole story has represented quite an impressive boost in Las Vegas tourism. “Good bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money,” Las Vegas officials declared according to TMZ.

Below you can check out one of the pictures Vegas officials are talking about. The story was first published by celebrity site TMZ.

Officials have launched this summer a new campaign to promote Las Vegas tourism. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas has always been a motto of the city. However, things were not actually like that for Prince Harry, as what he did in Vegas reached the whole world. Las Vegas officials believe that when people saw how much fun the city can be, through Harry’s photos, they became more willing to visit it.

Currently, Prince Harry is fighting in the Middle East, so he is quite far away from the scandal. Neither the Prince nor the Royal Family have spoken about the event. However, this is not the first naked scandal the Royal Family is facing. Earlier this summer, Kate Middleton naked photos were leaked on the Internet.


Prince Harry is now in Afghanistan, as he had to leave his base at Camp Bastian, in Helmand Province, which was attacked last month by the Taliban. The prince spend 10 weeks in the region back in 2007, as well.

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Prince Harry – Man Of The Year

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Prince Harry, who has been involved in numerous scandals in the past few months, was recently named Man of the Year, by Tatler magazine. The event is quite surprising, actually Prince Harry being the second man to be featured on the front page of the magazine, after his father, Prince Charles, in 1992.

Well, Prince Harry is the 2012 Man of the Year on Tatler magazine’s November issue, so there is no wonder that the famous royal family member is featured on the magazine cover. The cover photo was taken earlier this year, when Prince Harry took a trip to the Bahamas in which he represented the Crown. The 28 year old prince wears a military uniform in the photo.


This issue of Tatler magazine is expected to be spectacular. “Harry made an executive decision a few years ago to go only for girls who had enough to lose by going to the press. Consequently, those he has tended to pursue come from a very small catchment. This, maddening though it is for the girls, who all tend to know one another, has been the key to keeping his sex life out of the public domain,” Taler magazine reported according to International Business Times.

In this latest issue, Tatler magazine reveals that the scandal in which Prince Harry got involved during his latest trip to Las Vegas is not the first embarrassing situation he faced until today. During a house party dating back to 2007, Prince Harry was photographed inhaling a laughing gas balloon in the background. The photo was deleted by the star’s security guards, the magazine reported.


So, inside the magazine, Prince Harry talks about the incident of him smoking cannabis during his last trip to Las Vegas. During this trip, Prince Harry was photographed naked playing strip billiards. The whole event turned out being a huge scandal. There is no wonder after all that Tatler magazine refers to Prince Harry as Dirty Harry.

Tatler magazine is surely expected to be a great success. After all, this is the first time in the last two decades when a man has fronted the famous magazine. And that man is actually the most popular royal family member at the moment: Prince Harry. Last year, Kate Middleton was featured in Tatler magazine, too.

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Neverending Scandals Surrounding the Royal Family

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It seems that the scandal doesn’t leave the Royal Family from Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry was the first to let the world get a view of his private jewels, but it didn’t seem out of his element in doing so. The bad boy was in Las Vegas partying when he invited some girls he met that night to play naked pool with him in his penthouse suite.

As for his beautiful sister in law, Kate Middleton was snapped by the paparazzi and pictures were all over on magazine stands and all over the web, while her and Prince William toured South-east Asia. The pictures of the half-naked royal princess were in such high demand that the palace took matters into their own hands and began filling suits for violation of privacy.


Rumour has it that even Prince William may have naked photos that are currently being offered to publishers. According to writer William Foxton from the Telegraph, the photos with the Duchess of Cambridge boosted the fortune for online pornography sites. He also stated that the demand for celebrity nude pictures is very high on the tabloid market.


If this nonsense continues, soon it will be a royal straight flush of naked young royals, if the latest rumours are to be believed. Foxton also says that there as many as 270 pictures being hawked around, which feature both the Duchess and Prince William, but only 24 have been leaked so far. The Palace’s nightmare is that the pictures are actually stills from a video.

We can only imagine who is the next victim of the paparazzi… Hopefully, no one old and wrinkly!

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Another Scandal In The Royal Family

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As if the recent pictures of Prince Harry naked didn’t caused enough trouble, new pictures surfaced online this time with a topless Duchess Catherine. The sister-in-law of the prince was photographed while she was vacationing with her husband, Prince William in the south of France, in a small town of Provence. She was caught off-guard while relaxing on the balcony of a historical hunting lodge where she was staying with the prince. Believing paparazzi are far, she sunbathed topless, but a few days after she did it, French magazine Closer published a set of so-called world exclusive pictures presenting the wife of the future king of the United Kingdom uncensored.

Duchess Catherine in happier times

The pictures appeared exactly when Prince William and his wife were touring in Asia in a trip made in the honor of the Queen. Amid rumors of pregnancy and the scandal of the naked pictures of Prince Harry, this was the worst thing that hit the British monarchy in the last period of time. The young couple surely didn’t expected a quiet afternoon relaxing together to be transformed in a public affair and now has to deal with the whole drama. Apparently, the royal family decided to sue Closer magazine, but it remains to be seen how things will evolve.

You can find out more details in the next video where the case of this new scandal is emphasized as being similar with those in which the late Princess Diana was involved thanks to the excesses made by journalists who were eager to find news about her life.

If you are curious to hear and see the opinions of other famous, but non-royal, people that agree or disagree with the decision of the duchess to sunbath topless you should watch the next video.

After these two scandals, involving Prince Harry and Duchess Catherine, the royal family will probably lay low for a while and although Prince William and his wife have a lot of commitments, they may stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Moreover, Prince William stated recently that he desires to have two children, so the future may bring surprises when the royal couple will decide to be more public once again.

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