Is Prince Harry Facing Hair Loss?

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According to the latest reports, Prince Harry is facing the same problem as his older brother William, when it comes to looks. Experts claim that the prince will be losing much of his hair, before turning 50. According to them, Harry should have emergency hair treatment, at least if he wants to avoid losing his great looks.

Prince Harry has always made fun of his older brother about hair loss. Well, it looks like Harry found himself in the same situation. Rumors about the prince getting bald started when some pictures of the star showed Harry losing part of his red hair, which surely seems to look thinner now.

Soon after the photographs were published, experts started to analyze them, claiming that Harry may carry a genetically male pattern baldness, such as all the men in his family. This is how they reached to the prediction that he may lose most of his hair before the age of 50.

Some doctors have already offered their services to help Harry avoid baldness. Dr. Nadeem Uddin Khan told Daily Star that he can recommend the prince an efficient hair loss treatment. The famous doctor is the one who performed a hair transplant intervention on famous football player Wayne Rooney.

Well, if Harry is thought to lose most of his hair until his 50s, on the other hand, William is expected to be completely bald before turning 40. Some even claim that William will be bald in his mid 30s. So, it is safe to say that prognosis for Harry is much better than the one offered to his brother. The two brothers seem to have inherited the hair loss problem from their father, Prince Charles. Well, if all these prognoses will turn out being real or not is something we will only find out in a few years.

Photos Source: Daily Mail

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