A Great Event For Prince Harry- He Will Be A Pop Star

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Prince Harry is one of the most important and famous royal figures in the world. Harry is not known only for the fact that he is a prince, but also for the scandals he was involved in and for his many unstable love relationships. Harry has always been perceived as the rebel child that always gets in trouble, but he is popular for his sense of humor as well. Over the last few years, it seems that he has become more responsible and involved in a lot of events. Additionally, the prince also takes over the Queen’s duties when she is too busy or when she travels. This is the proof that he is a mature and responsible man. Nonetheless, Harry has not lost his sense of humor. Recently, a lot of things happened in his life and he attended many wonderful and important events that also increased his fame.

One of the greatest thing about Harry is the fact that he will be a pop star, but only for a short period of time, on the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and her commitment to the Commonwealth. Harry will tap tambourine and will shake his leg as this is part of a special song especially crated for this event. This new anthem is called “Sing” and belongs to Gary Barlow  who asked Harry if he would sing. The prince answered him that he doesn’t sing, but Barlow told him that he wants him to play the tambourine, not sing. The two met very soon and Harry hit the tambourine. The new song will be released May 28 and fans can download the sheet music for piano and vocal arrangement.

The song will be performed outside Buckingham Palace on June 4. This is another important event that Prince Harry will participate in. He is involving more and more in various royal  events, showing that he is very responsible and someone that the others can rely on. Prince Harry has started to make the Great Britain very proud and the English people is glad that he does the best he can to take on his royal duties and even more. It will be a captivating event that will be watched by a lot of people all around the world.

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