An Important Event For Prince Harry Worlwide Recognition

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Prince Harry has just participated in a wonderful event for his life and also worldwide recognition. The prince was already involved in many charities. It all started when his mother took him in many orphanages when he was little. Princess Diana wanted to show him that life is more than he thinks it is and she also managed to make him be a compassionate man, trying to help the others as much as he can.

During this recent event, he had the opportunity to speak at the Atlantic Council’s Annual Awards Dinner in Washington. D.C. The royal figure said that the British and American forces fight and sometimes even die together, trying to emphasize the cooperation between the two. He received the Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award. After, the 27-year-old prince also added that he feels he doesn’t deserve it because he could have done more. Although the young prince was already popular and famous, this event in Washington, increased his fame and also marked his first visit to the U.S. Capital. The reception took place at the Peter Westmacott, the residence of British Ambassador. On this occasion, the prince had also the opportunity tot meet athletes from the Warrior Games, which is a paralympic event for wounded and sick veterans. The royal figure was dressed in a beautiful suit, very elegant, making him look fabulous. Lately, he participated in many events, but this is one of the most important for him, being also a proof that he is not anymore the young rebel, but the responsible and mature man. The award was handled by former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The event celebrated the Atlantic Council’s 50th Anniversary. It was also an opportunity to recognise the achievements of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, the violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and the enlisted women and men of the United States Armed Forces.

Additionally, it also recognised the amazing achievements of Prince Harry, but he received the award with humility. Prince Harry is involved in foundations that have the main mission to help, rehabilitate the wounded servicemen and women, but to also reintegrate veterans into civilian life. During the speech, he said : “The very least we owe them is to make sure that they and their brave families have everything they need through their darkest days — and, in time, regain the hope and confidence to flourish again”.

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