Another Scandal In The Royal Family

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As if the recent pictures of Prince Harry naked didn’t caused enough trouble, new pictures surfaced online this time with a topless Duchess Catherine. The sister-in-law of the prince was photographed while she was vacationing with her husband, Prince William in the south of France, in a small town of Provence. She was caught off-guard while relaxing on the balcony of a historical hunting lodge where she was staying with the prince. Believing paparazzi are far, she sunbathed topless, but a few days after she did it, French magazine Closer published a set of so-called world exclusive pictures presenting the wife of the future king of the United Kingdom uncensored.

Duchess Catherine in happier times

The pictures appeared exactly when Prince William and his wife were touring in Asia in a trip made in the honor of the Queen. Amid rumors of pregnancy and the scandal of the naked pictures of Prince Harry, this was the worst thing that hit the British monarchy in the last period of time. The young couple surely didn’t expected a quiet afternoon relaxing together to be transformed in a public affair and now has to deal with the whole drama. Apparently, the royal family decided to sue Closer magazine, but it remains to be seen how things will evolve.

You can find out more details in the next video where the case of this new scandal is emphasized as being similar with those in which the late Princess Diana was involved thanks to the excesses made by journalists who were eager to find news about her life.

If you are curious to hear and see the opinions of other famous, but non-royal, people that agree or disagree with the decision of the duchess to sunbath topless you should watch the next video.

After these two scandals, involving Prince Harry and Duchess Catherine, the royal family will probably lay low for a while and although Prince William and his wife have a lot of commitments, they may stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Moreover, Prince William stated recently that he desires to have two children, so the future may bring surprises when the royal couple will decide to be more public once again.

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