Prince HarryPrince Harry was born in London, England on September 15th 1984 and was raised in an Anglican/Episcopal denomination were his faith was strengthened. He is a very royal person and is straight as far as his sexual orientation is concerned which is crucial especially if you’re in the public figure. He is the second son and has served in the US army in Afghanistan in the year 2008. His mother was the late Princess Diana who died following a tragic road accident.

He has a brother by the name of William with whom they’re very close and have always been there for each other in times of sorrow and happiness. Prince Harry is thus believed to be the spare to his brother and the sole heir of England. He’s therefore loved by all who come across him and sure believes that he’ll make a wonderful King of England. He’s ever smiling and it’s very hard for him to be upset as most people are. With respect to that, many people have declared him as the “Happy Prince” and that suits him perfectly well without contradicting his character. With his smiling trend it’s no doubt that he’s very healthy and chances of getting diseases are very low as doctors have always recommended that as way of keeping off diseases.

His deceased mother was an occupant of the tabloid where Prince Harry has taken her place even today. His parent separated when he was only 8 years of age and his mother passed on wen he was 12. Stories have been spread around that he’s not the real son of Prince Charles but his mother’s lover, James Hewitt. These were just rumors so one is left wondering which is which as far as the truth is concerned. During those times Diana and Hewitt declared that they had met after the boy was born and he could not be the biological father. It’s clear however that the appearance, that is the red short hair, doesn’t resemble that of Windsor.

At the age of 17, Prince Harry had started indulging in drugs including the likes of marijuana which made his father take immediate action to rescue him from this problem. He was taken to a drug treatment facility where the appropriate measures were put in place. This behavior had him expelled from the Eton school where he was enrolled. The administrators had no option considering the facts they had before them since they had a zero tolerance policy on that. It’s evident that he was not gifted in academic which was evidenced when he got poor grades after his graduation. With such grades it’s very hard for one to pursue any career with ease, except, perhaps, inherit the throne of England!