Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Are Back Together

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After the very public naked photo scandal, Prince Harry lost not only a share of his dignity, but also his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. However, rumor has it that Cressida has forgiven the royal rebel and the two are back together.

The royal chopper pilot and the 23-year-old model broke up in the wake of his naked photo scandal, when he was seen at a bachelor party in Las Vegas partying naked and hanging with other women. The controversy blew up and had media worldwide reporting on Harry’s deed. It also led to plenty of shame for the royal family, so no wonder that Prince Harry was shipped off to Afghanistan for 4 months soon after the big scandal.


In Afghanistan, the Prince was the center of a Taliban attack on his base. While British and American forces said that Harry was not in danger, as he was safely within the base, the incident may have brought a change of heart of the 28-year-old.

According to a source cited by RadarOnline, “as soon as he landed in Afghanistan, Harry missed Cressida“. The source also explained the reasons behind their breakup: “They parted in a complicated fashion. Their relationship was on hold following the revelation of the nude photos in Las Vegas and because of Harry’s plans to link up with the British army the pair decided to put their romance on hold.

While in Afghanistan, Harry and Cressida stayed in touch and constantly talked over cell phone. “Harry still had feelings for Cressida when he left the UK, and he stayed in touch with her, despite being stationed over a thousand miles away“, the insider added.

Moreover, Prince Harry recently poured his heart out to the beautiful model and it seems that this strategy worked for him. “They’ve had heart to heart conversations over the phone and Harry told Cressida that he couldn’t wait to see her when he got back. He admitted he missed her and wanted things to go back to normal when he returns. She feels exactly the same way and is willing to give their relationship another shot“, said the yet unknown source.


When the naked photo scandal blew up in August, it did not seem as the couple would get back together, especially after an insider told the Mirror that “Harry has blown it. Cressida saw a future with Harry but then he went and embarrassed her like he did in Vegas“.

Cressida Bonas and Harry met through Princess Eugenie, who is friends with the leggy blonde. Her mother, Lady Mary-Gaye, is an heir to the rich Curzon banking family and her father, Jeffrey Bonas, is a blue blooded successful entrepreneur and businessman. Reportedly, the two started dating in July. Time will tell if they will end up together or will go on separate ways.

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Prince Harry And His Main Sportive Passions

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Prince Harry is one of the public figures that is always in the spotlight. Since Prince William got married, everyone turned to the younger royal to see what more can he provide for the media in terms of scandals and events. However, in the recent period, we have learned more and more about Harry’s role in the Diamond Jubilee and in a variety of other royal duties, which have kept him far from other aspects. One of the things that the media could focus more on are Prince Harry’s sportive passions and the various types of developments that these take throughout the year.

There are several sides to the way in which these passions for sport can be considered. For once, we have seen Harry participate in a lot of friendly games in various locations around the world, some of them for charity, others for simple fun. There have been games in which he played with children, which were matches supposed to benefit these children in a way or another. We also have seen the young prince on stadiums, where he watched, alongside with his friends, various types of sportive events. Rugby and polo are the main types of sports in which he is interested in watching and in playing. Polo is the sport Harry takes on for various competitions, as well as for charities. He played for the army when he was in Sandhurts and in the match between Young England and Young Australia in Sydney. The involvement in rugby had a major breakthrough in 2004, when Harry was the Rugby Development Officer for the Rugby Football Union. He volunteered in schools, in order to help children understand the importance of playing sports in general and most of all of playing rugby in particular.

These sportive passions have managed to create a great image for the young prince. From the fact that he never misses the important sportive events in which England is involved, people can see the true patriotism of Prince Harry and the fact that he is a great supporter of these sports from the royal family’s part. More to this, his passion is even more obvious in the fact that he also plays these sports, which means that he is a passionate athlete. The love for sports and for good causes have made Prince Harry become involved in helping children take up sports.

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Prince Harry And His Life Events

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Prince Harry is the second child of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and his full name is Henry Charles Albert David. Apparently, Harry has a wonderful life, but he also had to face many problems and keeping his personal life was also a problem. He was born on September 15, 1984, at Saint Mary’s Hospital, weighting 6 lb 14 oz and was christened in Windsor, in Saint George’s Chapel by Dr. Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury. Harry’s biography is fairly complicated taking into consideration that his parents split when he was only 8 years old. His father told BBC that he never loved Diana, while she told journalists that in their marriage were three people, so it was a bit crowded, referring to Charles’ longtime love Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana tried to give Harry and his brother William a normal upbringing and chose for them a prestigious public boarding school, Eton College, where her brother and father studied as well.

She wanted Harry and his brother to understand people’s emotions, distress, hopes and dreams, but after 15 years of marriage, Diana and Charles divorced. It was a difficult period of time for Harry who was only 11. Later, in 1997, things became even more sad as Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana, in a car accident, which was caused by a 60-mph paparazzi car chase. Harry is known also for the parties he attended, but also for many scandals in which he was involved. Nonetheless, he also worked with AIDS orphans in Africa and made the documentary The Forgotten Kingdom as he wanted to carry on the things that his mother didn’t quite finish. 

In 2004, Prince Harry began to date Chelsy Davy, being one of the most stable love relationship that he had, but eventually, the two split. Prince Harry racked up a string of scandals such as being accused of cheating, caught with marijuana, scuffling with the paparazzi, attending a costume party dressed in a Nazi uniform. Because of these events, he was also known as the wild child of the royal family. In 2005, he attended his father’s wedding and later he began his life in the Army. He and his brother planned a concert to mark the 10th anniversary of their mother’s death. Harry also began a course that troops usually undergo before going to the war zone. In 2011, Harry was the best man at William’s wedding with Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

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Lupo The Dog And Prince Harry Rub Noses

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If you did not know who the luckiest dog in the world is, it means you do not know who Lupo is! Lupo is the puppy that Prince William and Duchess Catherine adopted in winter. Lupo is a cocker spaniel that has the luck to be the royal dog. He was seen for the first time in January, taking a stroll on a beach of Wales with his proud owners. At that time, Lupo seemed to have about 10 weeks. He was adopted from a close family friend of Kate, as her family loves spaniels. When Prince William was not in the country or when he was deployed, Lupo was the perfect companion of the future princess of the United Kingdom, being with her almost all the time. Recently, the beautiful black dog got all the attention at an event where Prince Harry was present, too. On May 12, the two brothers and beautiful Kate participated at a charity polo match. Present there was also their beloved dog, Lupo. As both of them met on the field, Harry and Lupo had a sweet moment of public display of affection.

The royal dog got all the attention of the younger prince and he spent time with him. As some point, the reporters even took this photo of the royal and of the dog, rubbing noses. After he caressed Lupo and he played with him, Harry took some time to nuzzle the wet nose of the dog. Of course, all eyes were on them and the press did not miss the beautiful moment between the two. The puppy was very excited to be at the polo match and he loved the attention that Harry showed to him.

Of course, Prince Harry was not the only one that played with the dog. The pet of Prince William and Duchess Catherine was the star of the game. During it, Lupo played with a dog and made a new friend this way and after it, he received the attention of many of the people present. The luckiest dog in the world was an entertainer of the day. Apparently, Lupo received as much consideration as his royal family that brought him to the polo match. The fans of Harry sure are jealous of the spaniel who received from the prince more attention than most of them will ever get from a royalty.

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