Emmy Rossum In Love With Prince Harry

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Emmy Rossum, the pretty and talented singer/actress had always a secret crush on Prince Harry. She dreams she wil meet him one day. Rossum released last month her second album titled – Sentimental Journey and is known as the Phantom of the Opera star.


Nonetheless, it seems that Emmy doesn’t want a potential marriage, but only a flirting with him for a short period of time. The celebrity told Live magazine: “I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Prince Harry. Growing up I used to pretend I was married to him in an alternate universe. Like any other seven year old I had a fairy tale notion of growing up and marrying a prince.


I still think he’s pretty cute. He’s also very boisterous, which is a good thing in a man. I’m not saying I want to marry him, but he’s more than welcome to invite me out on a date. I know in my heart that this is one of those impossible never-to-be realised crushes. But I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.”


Rossum doesn’t have a crush only on Prince Harry, but also for chef Gordon Ramsay, admitting still that he is too old to date with him. Related to Ramsay, Rossum explained: “I find him fascinating to watch on television. He’s wonderfully entertaining… I think he’s great but I don’t feel the way about him that I feel about Prince Harry, who is a little more age-appropriate.”

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Interesting Facts About Prince Harry

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There is no doubt in the fact that Prince Harry is a star. Prince Harry of Wales, or better said Henry Charles Albert David, was born on 15 September 1984. Harry is the youngest son of Charles and Diana. He is the third to the line of succession to the throne.


Here are some interesting facts about Prince Harry. As a fan of the star, you should know them all.

  • Prince Harry was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.
  • The Prince was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at St. George’s Chapel, event which took place in Windsor, in December 1984.
  • The star went to school at Mrs. Jane Mynors nursery school, in London.
  • The following schools Prince Harry attended are Wetherby School and Ludgove School.
  • One of the most tragic events in Harry’s life is the death of his mother. Princess Diana died in August, 1997.
  • The same year when his mother died, Prince Harry went on safari in South Africa with his father, Prince Charles.
  • Prince Harry loves skiing, so the star has several times went on skiing trips with his brother, Prince William.
  • By the time when he turned 18, Prince Harry received his own Coat of Arms.
  • Prince Harry spent a lot of time in Australia and Africa. The star worked to help people in need at an orphanage.
  • Harry studied for the Regular Commissions Board exams, which the star managed to pass in 2004.
  • Starting with 2005, Harry decided to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The star has always wanted to pursue a military career.
  • Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan for a period of two moths, between 2007 and 2008. Nowadays, the star is at his second stint in the country.

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  • Prince Harry won’t spend this Christmas with his family. The star will remain on duty on Afghanistan till 2013.
  • Prince Harry is a pilot of military helicopters.
  • He is involved in numerous charity projects, too. Actually, the star alongside his brother William and his sister in law, Kate, have become patrons of a new philanthropic organization this month.
  • Prince Harry loves skiing, motorcross and polo, too.
  • The star has become well known as the wildest royal. He has been involved in numerous scandals, the most recent one being the wild partying affair in Las Vegas.
  • The most high profile relationship of Prince Harry is his romance with Chelsy Davy. The couple separated in 2010. Throughout the years, Prince Harry has been linked to numerous famous women. In the most recent years the star was believed to be romantically involved with Pippa Middleton and Mollie King.

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  • One of the most important scandals in Prince Harry’s life dates back to 2005. Then, Harry dressed up in the Nazi uniform for a themed party. Harry the Nazi, as the star was called, was criticized for months following the scandal.
  • Prince Harry claimed to be a big Star Trek fan. The prince wanted to be the first royal to visit the space.
  • Prince Harry’s nickname is thought to be Spike. It seems that the royal is called like this by his friends.
  • Most recent reports indicate that Harry has been offered more than £100,000 to star in a new Las Vegas Strip Show.

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    Prince Harry is extremely famous nowadays for both his choices when it comes to his career and the scandals in his personal life. The royal has millions of fans all over the world, Harry being considered one of the most charming Royal Family members of all time.

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“The Least Royal” Royal

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Prince Harry is a prince by casualty and he sure acts this way. If you want to know more about “the least royal” royal you can read about the prince in his biography, written by Mark Saunders, book which you can buy here or you can spend your time perusing through all the materials posted on our website. In any case, one of the most interesting things about Prince Harry is that he has all the perks of being a royal, but in the same time he has no obligations, as Prince William. And that is why Prince Harry always acted as a regular teenager and young man, while his brother was always obedient and respectful, avoiding to get into trouble, as he is the future king of Great Britain. 

Apparently, his late mother, Princess Diana, considered that Harry was the one perfect for the role, but the law indicates William as the heir of the throne of the United Kingdom, of course, following his father’s death. All these seem very far away and right now, “the good king”, as Lady Di used to call him is the third in line to the throne. Surprises may appear, of course, but Prince Harry doesn’t hesitate to live his life fully without paying too much attention at what others have to say about him.

Right now, all eyes are on Prince Harry because Prince William is now taken and has settled into married life. Harry wants to be a regular person, but because he is a royal, he was many times called a “bad boy”, label a regular man would not have received for the actions for which he received it. It’s important not to forget that even if he loves to party, Harry is working all the time and he is very deep involved in charity works, exactly like his mother. 

More details on the current life of the dashing prince and on the reasons all the media is watching him you can learn by watching the video bellow, introduced by Katie Couric.

Unfortunately for him, Prince Harry cannot be a regular man. Born and raised in one of the oldest royal families in the world, he will be in the spotlight for the rest of his life, no matter what he does.

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Prince Harry Attends Olympic Games

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Prince Harry and William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, greeted Olympic torch at Buckingham Palace. The trio had a great time and they were very interested in all the events that took place.

The torch was carried past several landmarks such as Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street.




The three royals have attended various events and they also showed their athletic skills: Harry played basketball, William tried to shoot a soccer goal and Kate tried table tennis. They are also ambassadors for Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic teams.




Kate, William and Harry were photographed having a wonderful time while watching the Cross Country Equestrian Event at the Olympics because they love polo and horse riding.




Prince Harry will also attend the Olympic women  beach volleyball  final on 8th August. Harry plans to watch his cousin Zara Phillips competing in the equestrian competition, but also the men’s 100-meter track final.




He also declared that he wants to see the likes of Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor competing on the “beach” built in the centre of London.




Harry loves sport and he has already planned to watch many other events during the Games. He has already proved on various occasions that he likes sport and that he also has great skills for this.

Watch more:

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Details About The Youngest Son Of Princess Diana – Prince Harry

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The second child of Princess Diana, Prince Harry, was born in London, on September 15, 1984. He came to the world at Saint Mary’s Hospital, weighting 6lb 14 oz. Less than 3 months after birth, Harry was christened in Windsor, in Saint George’s Chapel by Dr. Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury. He was named Henry Charles Albert David. Later in life, the young prince attended Mrs. Mynors School and in September 1987 he went to Wetherby School, one located in London. In 1992, 8 year old Harry started studying at Ludgrove School, in Berkshire, together with his brother, Prince William. In 1997, Princess Diana died, leaving behind two young sons who eventually grew up without a mother. One year after her tragic death, Harry enrolled at Eton College, in September 1998. He later took his GCSE’s and A levels, followed by a gap year.

In his free year, Harry visited Australia, Argentina, Africa and Lesotho. In the last of these, he filmed a documentary about the orphans. In 2005, the prince started his training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. After 44 weeks spent there in training, he was released as an Officer Cadet. However, in April 2006, the royal was named Second Lieutenant in the Household Cavalry of Blues and Royals. Meanwhile, together with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, Harry started a charity project named Sentebale. The name of the organization means “forget me not” and the NGO was created in the memory of their mothers, as the prince of Lesotho also lost his. Sentebale is a charity organization working to help the orphans and the vulnerable children in the country of Lesotho. In 2008, Harry left the United Kingdom for Afghanistan, where he worked as a Forward Air Controller for NATO.

He enrolled in the British Army and stayed in the Helmand province. A couple of months later, he was made Lieutenant. In January 2009, Prince Harry entered a two and a half year training in order to become a full time Army Air Corps helicopter pilot. In the same time, Harry was still an officer in the Household Cavalry. Also in 2009, both sons of Princess Diana set up their on Household Office thanks to their important public lives. In present, the prince runs six charity organizations and is a member of the Royal Navy and of the Royal Air Force.

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The Fascinating Life Of Prince Harry – Scandals And Public Appearances

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Prince Harry is without a doubt a star. The famous Royal family member was born on September 15, 1984, being the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The price who is the third in line of succession, has become quite a well known star all around the world, achieving the status of a celebrity and being even more famous than his older brother, Price William. Harry studied at different schools and only then he decided to enroll to the military. For about 77 days, the prince has been on the front line in the Afghan War, serving his country. As imagined, the star has been on the front pages of numerous magazines with his decision.

Anyway, his royal duties and career have not been the only reasons why Harry has managed to remain in the public attention. The prince has also shocked with the scandals in his personal life, as well as with his quite interesting relationships. Harry made himself a rebellious reputation, becoming the wild child of the royal family as many tabloids have named him so far. One of the most interesting events which put the star on front pages dates back to the period when Harry was only 17. That time the prince was spotted smoking cannabis and partying with his friends, which also involved under age drinking. And that is not all. The star has also been photographed wearing a Nazi uniform with the swastika on his arm, aspect which caused outrage all around the world, even though the prince dressed up this way just to attend a themed costume party. Still, the scandal and the debates were so much increased that Harry decided to issue a public statement to apologize for his behavior, following the events.

There is no doubt in the fact that Prince Harry has been involved in a number of scandals throughout the years, most of them being linked to wild partying. Still, the star has conquered the front pages with his relationships, too. Unlike his older brother, William, Henry has drawn media attention with his relationship with Chelsy Davy. Although the two have been together for a long time, in 2009 it was announced that they have split. The reports were only confirmed in 2010, and the prince himself declared that he now is 100 percent single. Well, he will surely find another special girl soon, and there is no way a new relationship will not become of great interest for all fans.

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Prince Harry And His US Trip

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Since a few months ago, Prince Harry announced the press that he is planning to take a trip in the United States of America. The timing of the visit of Prince Harry in the States is great, because he was persecuted by the media. In the last month, journalists from England were eager to find if Prince Harry really has a connection with pop star Mollie King. The visit of the prince in America was greatly planned, so he could escape all the scenarios that people built about his life. Prince Harry traveled to Washington. He received a humanitarian award for all the effort he puts into his charity work with the injured military personnel. Charming as always, Prince Harry had a wonderful speech at the gala and described those with whom he works as wonderful people. he considered this is the best way to pay a tribute to those who are making sacrifices.

Prince Harry was also present to the Warrior Games while traveling to the United States of America. This is a paralympic sport event that took place in Colorado. In the competitions participate injured and sick military personnel and also veterans. The British team was accompanied by Prince Harry himself, who kept an eye on those who participated. The English competed in swimming, volleyball, archery and cycling. At the place where the event took place, Prince Harry even had the chance to meet the wife of the American vice president, Jill Biden.

Prince Harry works with these people together with his brother, Prince William. They both say that their charity is only a help for the heroes, as those people made immense sacrifices for their country and for the safety of all its inhabitants. The Walking With The Wounded foundation is only one of those in which Prince Harry is involved. He does this job with an enormous pleasure and he is happy that he can help the men and women that had the chance to fight in order to regain hope for everybody. The US trip of Prince Harry was wonderful and he declared that he cannot expect to visit the country once again.

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Prince Harry Spends The First Anniversary Of His Broher Partying

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One of the biggest events that the royal family of the United Kingdom recently celebrated is the first anniversary of Prince William and Duchess Kate. Although in the recent months Prince Harry was linked to British pop sensation Mollie King, she was nowhere to be seen by his side. Although his brother celebrated an important event, the first year of marriage, Prince Harry enjoyed the fact that he is single and partied. Prince Harry did not gave a lot of attention to what Prince William and Kate were celebrating. he kept focusing on him and spent his free time in a great manner, as many single guys do. Both Friday and Saturday, Prince Harry was seen out and about. He is officially single and this is enough of a reason to enjoy late nights out in town. As opposed to his brother William, Prince Harry spends his free time enjoying his celibacy.

Even if Prince William and Duchess Catherine had a low key event that marked their first anniversary, Prince Harry preferred to party. On Friday, Prince Harry was spotted by paparazzi in the Mayfair neighborhood of London. He was seen coming out of Arts Club. This is one of the most exclusive clubs in London and few have the chance to enter it. The ultra private club has no secrets for Prince Harry, of course. The young prince was seen leaving it alone, although many expected to also see Mollie King leaving the fancy location.

On Saturday night, Prince Harry preferred another establishment. He arrived at the Novikov restaurant in an elegant white shirt and spent a few hours inside. He was seen leaving the luxurious eatery all alone, although the paparazzi once again hoped to see the dashing prince with a lady friend. Even if Prince Harry is involved with someone, until this point, there is no certain proof. He leads a very private life and is not eager to offer to may details about it to the press. Prince Harry is a faithful client of London’s hot spots, but nobody knows exactly with whom is he spending his time behind the walls.

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Prince Harry Is Very Compassionate

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Prince Harry is one of the most famous royal figures in the world. He is so popular mainly because his mother was very famous for her kindness and beauty. Her unexpected death was a very difficult moment for Prince Hurry who, at that time, was a teenager and losing his mother at such an early age, was a disaster. Prince Harry is handsome and had several relationships with many models, singers, or at least, this was rumoured. Nonetheless, Prince Harry had a stable and long-term relationship which was in the media attention for such a long time. For Prince Harry, this meant that it was very difficult to have a private personal life.

Nowadays, Prince Harry is a man, responsible for his actions and life, taking care of the Queen’s duties and involved into military education. Plus, Prince Harry is a constant presence in the charity campaigns and events, as well as his mother was. Actually, when his mother took Prince Harry and his brother William, was the start of involving in charity works. Prince Harry continued this tradition and is very responsible. Although others envy him for his royal life, Prince Harry is a modest man. He declared several times that he would have wanted sometimes to have a normal life, without anyone watching him closely.

Prince Harry has to be careful as paparazzi can be at the next street corner and his personal lice cannot be private. Luckily, Prince Harry has a great sense of humor. It helps him get over a lot of troubles and fight for a better life. He is one of the most popular royal personalities, but from now he will have to be more responsible and mature then ever. Harry is not anymore a rebel child, but a mature man, ready to faecal life and all the troubles which emerge. His mother, Princess Diana, took him to many institutions and hospitals, trying to show him that life doesn’t mean only living in castle and being protected all day long. It seems that this made Prince Harry become more responsible, mature and a very compassionate.

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Prince Harry Heading Back To The States

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The ladies who love Prince Harry and live in America will surely not be disappointed to hear the latest news concerning the charming modern prince. Prince Harry is heading back to the States. In 2011, Prince Harry lived in California and Arizona, as he joined a training class on Apache helicopters. Apparently, Prince Harry is in love with the United States of America and enjoyed greatly the time spent in the country. Well, on May 7 he will be in Washington DC to accept one very important award. Prince Harry will travel to the American capital for the Atlantic Council’s 2012 Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership. As he loves working with charitable organizations and he even started his own charity, dedicated to his mother, Lady Di, Prince Harry also deserves a prize that recognizes his merits in this extremely important domain.

For Prince Harry, this prize is a great honor, even more because this is offered on behalf of the military veterans, the servicemen, their wives and families. Being extremely happy to be honored in such a wonderful manner, Prince Harry released a statement. Through this, he emphasized the fact the he will be receiving the honor also in the name of his brother, Prince William. They often worked together and they even founded an organization together, named Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. The prince stated the fact that he is very happy that his and his brother’s work is recognized and appreciated.

Prince Harry is also very proud of the fact that his brother and his sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, are very appreciated in the United States of America. In July 2011, they made a tour through the country and they had a great time. Soon, Prince Harry will head to America and after the award ceremony he will attend in Washington DC, he will head to Colorado. The young prince will attend an important party with the British ambassador and with war veterans from the United Kingdom and from the United States of America. His visit is greatly expected, especially by his female fans who hope to meet him in person.

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