Controversy And Fame – Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is one of the most famous faces of the British Royal Family and probably one of the most controversial. Prince Harry is known in the worldwide media for his eccentricity and rebellious behaviour. Prince Harry is the second boy of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and the third in line of succession to the throne of Great Britain. Prince Harry is also known under the name of the Happy Prince, for always smiling.

Prince Harry, just like his mother Princess Diana, was not so academically gifted. At the age of seventeen, Prince Harry ended up on the first pages of the British tabloids, due to his under-aged drinking binges and his experimentation with marijuana. In order to convince Prince Harry to give up ethnobotanical abuse, his father took him on a tour of a drug treatment facility in order to see the real dangers of drug abuse. Unfortunately for Prince Harry, he was not very convinced by his father and continued to abuse drugs and to consume large amounts of alcohol. In 2004, a paparazzi surprised Prince Harry extremely drunk. At that time, under the influence of alcohol, Prince Harry was hit by the paparazzi. All the tabloids showed the same image: a red-faced Prince Harry being restrained by one of his bodyguards.

One of the most infamous and outrageous appearances of Prince Harry was in January 2005, when he attended a costume party. Prince Harry was dressed up in an SS uniform from the Africa Corps during World War II, with a swastika around his arm. The timing was very poorly chosen, because shortly before the party, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz victims took place. The incident outraged the entire media. Consequently, the Royal Family had to express their apologies in public for Prince Harry’s royal mistake. Although a very controversial figure, Prince Harry is now more settled down and he is seriously thinking about his future. He even takes into consideration the idea of applying as a volunteer in helping organizations that deal with Third World hunger. Some people say that in a way, he is trying to walk in his mother’s footsteps.

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