Could Prince Harry Simply Be Named Dancing Harry?

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If you are wondering what does Prince Harry have to do with dancing, it is really simple. The young and charming prince loves to dance. Not just that he has been seen in all the hot spots of London accompanied by various blondes (he seems to prefer blondes), but he also doesn’t miss any official opportunity to put on his dancing shoes and get on the floor. And judging from the following pictures, the prince is very appreciated for his skills and makes a really good dancer. He isn’t afraid to show off and loves to party and to have a good time anywhere he goes.

Prince William, Prince Seeiso and Prince Harry in Algeria. As you can observe, young Harry is excited to have the opportunity to bust some moves!


In Belize, he didn’t miss the chance to dance his heart out accompanied by some locals.


In a recent trip to Jamaica, the prince couldn’t resist the rhythms of Bob Marley.


He also showed his skills in the Caribbean during the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen.


A victory dance was also in the cards for the prince at some point when he met Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, but apparently, the prince dances better than he runs.


If you are not convinced Harry is such a talented dancer, these following videos may change your mind in a matter of minutes.

While dancing in Jamaica, Prince Harry was also caught on tape.

And he didn’t escape the cameras in Belize either.

The prince was already popular before admitting in front of the cameras that he loves dancing. But since he recognized the truth about his passion, more and more girls who dream to become princesses started rehearsing their best moves.

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