Fun Facts on Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is the flamed-haired prince who keeps the Royal Family juicy. People never get tired of reading news about him, as Prince Harry is very beloved. Even though he was involved in numerous scandals as a teenager, it seems that Prince Harry has reached a growing maturity that finally makes the Royal Family proud. So no more marijuana possession, cheating and wearing Nazi costumes. Prince Harry is now involved in the Army and charity work. He even made a documentary on African orphans suffering from AIDS, he fought in Afghanistan and he is embarking on a successful military career.

While Prince Harry seems to have his feet on the ground, people still love to remember his old days, when he was just a little kid. Especially for his fans, here are some fun facts on Prince Harry. Alan Jay Lerner, an American lyricist and librettist, wrote in 1985 an official lullaby intended for Prince Harry. The song was named Brocades and Coronets. Over the years, Prince Harry received numerous presents. One of the most famous ones is probably the brown leather jacket that Lionel Richie gave Princess Diana for Prince Harry at a benefit concert, back in 1987. The jacket bared his name, in colored lettering. Prince William received one, too. Prince Harry was a lovely child, very attached to his mother. He would always accompany her, and this is how some hilarious lines became known.

When Prince William turned 7, he said to his mother that he wanted to become a policeman, in order to look after her. Prince Harry replied: “Oh, no you can’t. You’ve got to be King!”. Prince Harry has also gained the reputation of being one of the best-dressed members of the Royal Family. In fact, he was even named one of the Best-Dressed Brits in 2001, when he attended Prince Philip’s 80th birthday dressed in a dark suit which he paired with a lavender pin-striped tie. The sarcasm that characterizes Prince Harry was emphasized in 2007, when Matt Lauer described Prince William using a list of adjectives that would reflect how Americans view him. His sarcastic line was “Is that ‘dutiful’ or ‘beautiful’?”.


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