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Prince Harry is known as the bad boy of the British Royal Family, and the tabloids and newspapers do not give him a break, thus he is always in the center of attention. Prince Harry is the younger brother of Prince William, both being the children of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. He has been brought up in a royal environment, surrounded by the strictness of rules and protocol. People around the world love Prince Harry not only for what he stands for, but also for his pleasant attitude and constant smile on his face.

In terms of education, Prince Harry has received the best there is. Even if he faced certain teen problems, such as drinking and partying, Prince Harry has grown up and matured, and he is ready to take up the possible rule of the country. Perhaps one of the most tragic events that occurred in Prince Harry’s life was the death of his mother, Princess Diana. It was a tough blow for him, since Prince Harry was very attached to his mother and he suffered greatly for a very long time. With the help of his brother and his father, he managed to get over the tragedy and go on with his life. This might be one the reasons behind his rebellious attitude in his teen years. 

Prince Harry decided to enrol in the military service, just like his father. He is now involved in several charitable organizations, he visits hospitals and asylums for old people, he sees people living in scarce conditions, leading a different life from what he is accustomed to. This trait was passed on to Prince Harry from his mother, who always involved both him and his brother in her activities. Prince Harry is also very interested in the military field, and he has even been deployed to the front lines of Afghanistan, for 77 days.

Some say Prince Harry is still a bad boy, some say that he has grown up and matured. One thing is for certain: Prince Harry is an important and influential person, who is known and appreciated on an international scale.

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