How Harry Celebrated His Brother’s 30th Birthday

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Prince Harry had a great time celebrating his brother’s 30th birthday along with a few close friends. Even if Buckingham Palace did not provide too many details, all guests had a great time on a nice beach and then, they enjoyed a low-key dinner. William, Harry, Kate, Pippa Middleton and a few friends of them rented a cottage in Anglesey, had a great time, slept late, had breakfast and then they drove to the beach.


 Prince Harry and his brother, William, surfed and had a lot of fun, while Kate and her sister preferred to stay on the beach. The group loves athletics, sport, exercise and to be outdoors. The event was spent quietly, but everybody had a great time, especially Harry and William who are avid water sports fans.

Although the weather was bad, Harry and his brother accepted the challenge of an organised speed boat as well and had a lot of fun. They zipped across the freezing sea and later, they had a great time alongside their friends.


As Harry is known for his incredible sense of humor, he surely made great jokes on this occasion, as well, so the atmosphere was relaxing and friendly. After such an icy and challenging dip, the group headed on to a wonderful cottage to rest, toast and enjoy a home-made dinner. Some of the friends invited were Thomas van Straubenzee, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and David Jardine Paterso.

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