How tall is Prince Harry?

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There are many features about the royal family that people want to know in every fine little detail however being the private type of royal family that they are it is often difficult to get the right facts, especially with tabloids making up what they want. Prince Harry is one of the most sort after royals in the way that most English people and plenty of foreigners all want to know what he is up to the the daily details of his life. One question that is asked on search engines is how tall is the prince?

The answer to this question is six foot and one inch which is quite a tall person for the average Englishmen. He has three inches over the average Englishman who grow to be five foot ten inches. There are many interesting facts that people want to know about the young prince including when he will inherit the throne. Other facts like the princes birthday are easy enough to come by which is the 15th September 1984 making him 26 years old this year, 2010.

Another question that all the ladies want to know is does Prince Harry have a girlfriend and the real answer is yes. The prince is currently involved in a long term relationship with a beautiful young lady from Zimbabwean named Chelsy Davy. You will see the couple in any good paparazzi photo shoot around London town and newspapers, websites and even the news will focus on this couple.

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