Katie Couric Interviews Prince Harry and Prince William

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The Royal Family is known for keeping a low profile when it comes to press interviews and public appearances. This is why Princes Harry and William have not agreed to give interviews many times. It seems that Katie Couric, a renowned American journalist and TV personality working for ABC has managed to break the silence. She landed an interview with the princes, which will air on the ABC special The Real Queen By Her Own Royal Family on May 29, 2012. Couric set down with the princes in a rare interview to discuss their relationship with their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Since her Diamond Jubilee is approaching, what better way to mark her 60 years in power than by being celebrated by her own grandchildren?

Couric interviewed the princes separately. First, she talked to Prince William at Clarence House, so she also got the chance to tour this amazing property. Moreover, she also visited Buckingham Palace for the Garden Party, where she was formally presented to the Queen herself. While Prince William was interviewed in an “official” location, Couric had to travel all the way to Brazil to interview Prince Harry. He was traveling there as a representative for the Queen. The exotic location where the interview was held remains undisclosed, though. The interview trailer and the photos of Couric and the Prince only showed an exotic, beautiful property, but no one has any idea of its exact location. The prince and the American journalist seemed to have had a very pleasant time together. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves in the pictures. They even goofed around and stroke a funny pose, looking like they were dancing or something.

When asked about the Queen, Prince William said that for them, she is and has always been their grandmother. He even said that he and his brother are a bit of cheeky grandsons. Prince Harry said that the requirements of being a member of the Royal Family keeps them from spending too much off-time together. When Couric asked whether he needs to make an appointment to meet with his grandparents or he can just pop by the palace, Harry answered that it depends where she is. He also said that she is always very busy, therefore the grandparents never seem to be in the same place as the princes. Prince Harry seemed to be very jovial and honest, so we cannot wait for the full interview!

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