Lupo The Dog And Prince Harry Rub Noses

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If you did not know who the luckiest dog in the world is, it means you do not know who Lupo is! Lupo is the puppy that Prince William and Duchess Catherine adopted in winter. Lupo is a cocker spaniel that has the luck to be the royal dog. He was seen for the first time in January, taking a stroll on a beach of Wales with his proud owners. At that time, Lupo seemed to have about 10 weeks. He was adopted from a close family friend of Kate, as her family loves spaniels. When Prince William was not in the country or when he was deployed, Lupo was the perfect companion of the future princess of the United Kingdom, being with her almost all the time. Recently, the beautiful black dog got all the attention at an event where Prince Harry was present, too. On May 12, the two brothers and beautiful Kate participated at a charity polo match. Present there was also their beloved dog, Lupo. As both of them met on the field, Harry and Lupo had a sweet moment of public display of affection.

The royal dog got all the attention of the younger prince and he spent time with him. As some point, the reporters even took this photo of the royal and of the dog, rubbing noses. After he caressed Lupo and he played with him, Harry took some time to nuzzle the wet nose of the dog. Of course, all eyes were on them and the press did not miss the beautiful moment between the two. The puppy was very excited to be at the polo match and he loved the attention that Harry showed to him.

Of course, Prince Harry was not the only one that played with the dog. The pet of Prince William and Duchess Catherine was the star of the game. During it, Lupo played with a dog and made a new friend this way and after it, he received the attention of many of the people present. The luckiest dog in the world was an entertainer of the day. Apparently, Lupo received as much consideration as his royal family that brought him to the polo match. The fans of Harry sure are jealous of the spaniel who received from the prince more attention than most of them will ever get from a royalty.

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