Mollie King Denies Dating Prince Harry

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Although it seemed the British pop star is the new love interest of Prince Harry, apparently Mollie King laughed off the rumors of dating the charming prince. In the last couple of weeks the rumors about a romance between Prince Harry and this beautiful princess of pop did not stop. Their behavior is very suspicious and apparently one of the sources that revealed in the press the connection between Prince Harry and the singer is no less than one of the girls in her band. Both Prince Harry and Mollie King deny that they are an item, but it seems that the young lovely blond has a stronger bond with the royal family that she is willing to admit. In a recent interview, the pop singer denied that anything is happening between her and Prince Harry, but did anyone believed what she said?

When a reporter from BBC asked her is she is currently dating Prince Harry, Mollie King started laughing. She wanted to escape this question with grace, but she could not contain her laugh at hearing such a thing. Her answer was clear no, while her reaction was telling a whole different thing. Rochelle Wiseman, one of her friends, a member of the band The Saturdays stated that she would fully support a relationship between Mollie King and Prince Harry, leaving the press with the doubt if her declaration was actually a confirmation of the relationship everyone suspects it developed between the two.

Wiseman confessed she would be very supportive with Prince Harry and with her friend because she is eager to meet Duchess Catherine. For her, a relationship between the singer and Prince Harry would be ideal, because she dreams of meeting Kate Middleton and Beyonce in persons. If the story of the romance between Prince Harry and the singer would be true, she would have the chance to meet at least the future princess. However, Mollie King did not talked about the declarations her friend made and tried to escape the subject of her involvement with Prince Harry several times while talking to the British press in the last days.

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