Neverending Scandals Surrounding the Royal Family

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It seems that the scandal doesn’t leave the Royal Family from Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry was the first to let the world get a view of his private jewels, but it didn’t seem out of his element in doing so. The bad boy was in Las Vegas partying when he invited some girls he met that night to play naked pool with him in his penthouse suite.

As for his beautiful sister in law, Kate Middleton was snapped by the paparazzi and pictures were all over on magazine stands and all over the web, while her and Prince William toured South-east Asia. The pictures of the half-naked royal princess were in such high demand that the palace took matters into their own hands and began filling suits for violation of privacy.


Rumour has it that even Prince William may have naked photos that are currently being offered to publishers. According to writer William Foxton from the Telegraph, the photos with the Duchess of Cambridge boosted the fortune for online pornography sites. He also stated that the demand for celebrity nude pictures is very high on the tabloid market.


If this nonsense continues, soon it will be a royal straight flush of naked young royals, if the latest rumours are to be believed. Foxton also says that there as many as 270 pictures being hawked around, which feature both the Duchess and Prince William, but only 24 have been leaked so far. The Palace’s nightmare is that the pictures are actually stills from a video.

We can only imagine who is the next victim of the paparazzi… Hopefully, no one old and wrinkly!

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