Our Prince Harry

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People start to wonder if Prince Harry gets away with his extraordinary life because he is a handsome man or because he is part of the Royal Family. The answer to that would be both A and B because he is of course Prince Harry. Being one of the royal families would be a very amazing thing to do each day. There would be balls and meetings, horse riding and sailing plus a hoard or other activities that you could do. Being only 26 years old, born in 1984 you could say that the Prince has many years of looking forward to all the fun and adventure that happens to people of the royal family. He is the youngest son of the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles who is next in line to the thrown after the Queen passes on her rights. His mother Princess Dianna was a real asset to the family until she tragically died in a car collision.

Harry has had a pretty good life with all the finer things in life handed to him however he seems brave enough to try some of the more outrageous things in life as well as being kind like his mother and being a very charitable person. Prince Harry is Third in line to the Throne after his older brother Prince William and his father who is first in line for the realm. This would give him power over 16 nations of the commonwealth if he decided to make any great changes. As a graduate Harry spent some time in the military which gave him the rank of Tank Commander. He was place in the front line for as long as two months or more which also gave him more credibility for being one of the next leaders. Prince Harry is Royal blood through and through who is a descendant from all the kings and queens of England before him. There is a long line of royalty which flows through him which means that he is somebody that from birth is trained to be a leader of people and a spokes person for the nation. Most people would agree that the young Prince would make a good new King one day as long as he keeps out of trouble.

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