Prince Harry – Henry Charles Albert David Windsor

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Prince Harry was born in Sept-15-1984 in London, England. He has been brought up in an Anglican/Episcopal denomination. He is a royal person and always straight in his sexual orientation. He is the second son of the late princess Diana and served in the US military in Afghanistan in 2008.

prince harry

He is believed to be the spare to his brother Prince Williams and the heir of England. He is always smiling and this one has made quite a number of people declare him as “Happy Prince”. His deceased mother, the princess of Wales, was an occupant of the tabloids which Prince Harry seems to have taken a place in today. At the age of 8 years, his parents separated and later at the age of 12, her mother succumbed to a road accident. Stories have been whispered that he is not the real son of Prince Charles but of his mother’s lover, “the lover rat” James Hewitt. Diana and Hewitt declared that they had never met till the boy was born but clear indications are that, the red hair and the short nose do not resemble those of Windsor.

It was at the age of 17 that Prince Harry admitted indulging in drugs in drugs as well as marijuana to his father who took an immediate action and had his son accompany him to a drug treatment facility to ensure closing up of the dangers of drugs. This is believed to be the reason why he was expelled from the Elton school. The administrators had no choice but to shelve their “zero tolerance” policy following Harry’s parentage.

Like his mother, Prince Hurry was not gifted in academics. This was evidenced after his graduation from Elton with poor grades in his A-level which is a determinant factor for a student who wants to go on with further studies.

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