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There are several royal members who are lined up to be the next king of England however Prince Harry is not right at the top of the list even though his father is. A member of the royal family born in 1984 the prince is 26 years old this year and in recent terms this makes him too young to be a king. Even though in the old days kings and queens were introduced to the throne as soon as one of the heirs died these days the people of England want a realistic monarch who is capable of ruling with confidence and without predigest. Prince Harry is the youngest son to Prince Charles and the late Princess Dianna. Her passing was a devastating blow to the royal family even though the tragic circumstances are stooped in controversy. Many of his royal family members have a long tradition in the armed forces which is why Prince Harry decided to enlist in the Army.

As a member of the royal family the young prince has royal duties to attend to including many ceremonious duties which go hand in hand with royalty. A regular appearance is required by the members of the royal family which means that often the Prince is taken away from his duties in the armed services. These duties also include doing the rounds of the world on tour especially to countries which still have strong links to the commonwealth. Visiting schools and other organizations of charity he is continuing his mothers work for the good of all people around the world. Recently in a parade where his father shook the princes hand for his services overseas he was reprimanded for raising his hand before Prince Charles did which is considered a sign of disrespect. although it was an obvious mistake the fact is that it was caught on camera and therefore could not be left un delt with. For more information of the royal family there are many great websites linked to this webpage.

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