Prince Harry, a celebrity

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You might start to think that some of the royal family is actually famous for other things because you will often see the young princes going about their everyday career and doing what the royals do best. Prince Harry is not only famous for being a prince and next in line for the throne but he is also a keen military man just like many of his ancestors were and just like his father was once upon a time. Prince Harry is going to be a celebrity like his mother whether he likes it or not so hopefully he too can bring some good into the world just like Dianna did back in the 1990s.

You can see Prince Harry just about every day on the news in England for doing something either right or wrong. There was a little trouble when he and his prince brother decided that going to a fancy dress party dressed as Nazi dictators would be funny. The media had a field day with this episode and unfortunately for the boys there were pictures to go along with the story which only compromised things further and made it a bigger deal.

Being a prince would be a very tough job, having to be on your best behavior all of the time but you will often see that Prince Harry has a good side to him which just like his mother will help provide for some of the needy people in the world. If we are lucky enough to have more royal family members like the young prince then it would be safe to say that the future of England will be in safe hands otherwise the torch will be passed to another so that England will live forever.

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