Prince Harry- A Fashion Icon

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Prince Harry is not only a royal figure, a celebrity and one of the most famous persons in the world, but he is also popular for his fashion style. Prince Harry is appreciated for his sense of humor, jokes, as well as for nice way of treating people. His sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is a fashion icon. Lately, Prince Harry  has been observed having a different fashion style, wearing more elegant clothing items than usually. The press ask if Kate gives him tips on fashion. There are numerous events that Prince Harry participates in, so he has to pay attention to what he wears. Prince Harry  is known for his style entwining both sport and elegant outfits.

Prince Harry outfit became more elegant than before and he knows very well how to adapt it to different events he participates in. Moreover, he seems to be the fan of many brands that are also the favourite of his sister-in-law. The suit and the shoes that Prince Harry wore when attended many events, caught the eyes of people and also drew media attention. Everyone admired him and appreciated his new outfits and style. It seems that such a change, influenced or not by Kate Middleton, is a sign that Prince Harry becomes more mature and wiser. Prince Harry  becomes a man and is not anymore the teenager known to the public all over the world for the scandals he was involved in or only for his jokes.

In January 2011, Prince Harry, his brother and Romeo Beckham were considered the best dressed men in Britain. Prince Harry was the fifth in the top, before his brother, William. Experts claim that he looks better because he does not care about that too much. It is obvious that Prince Harry is more mature and his fashion style shows that the best. He has become more responsible and aware of his duties. It is a new stage in his life and the media always tries to find out more about him and also to speculate.

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