Prince Harry – A Great Life Or A Difficult One?

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Prince Harry is so cute and even he is not a teenager anymore, but he still has that lovely look and I still cannot believe that he grew up so fast. It seems as few years ago he was only a child and now he is a real man. He is a royal figure and he is also known for the parties and for the scandals he was a part from. When his mother, Princess Diana, died, it was a hard moment in his life. His mother was the first who took him and his brother, William, to visit hospitals and several centers  where sad and sick people lived. It was the first time when he was in contact with people that had such a difficult life and very different from his.

Prince Harry studied to several schools, but he finally chose to enroll into the military service. Prince Harry charitable activities are many and he learned how to do this from his mother. There were rumors that he had many lovers, but his longest relationship was with Chelsy Davy and in an interview he admitted that. Their relationship was in the media attention and many tabloids tried to find it as much as they could about this subject. Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry’s relationship was an interesting subject for the international press, not just for the local one. Prince Harry’s ceremonious duties are very important and he has to follow them.

Prince Harry also travels a lot and he knows the most famous and popular people. His brother’s wedding with Kate Middleton was also a very discussed subject and he was  the best man. Prince Harry publicly apologized for several bad things he did and he promised that he will take responsibility for his behavior.  Prince Harry it is a celebrity that has became popular all around the world and he still is in the spotlight. I imagine what would I do if I had his life. My intimacy would be very hard to maintain and I would be followed by paparazzi almost everywhere I would go, which it is very annoying. So, Prince Harry has a great life, but from a different point of view he has many responsibilities.

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