Prince Harry – A Rebel Child

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Prince Harry is one of the most popular royal figures in the world. Although his life seems great, Prince Harry had to overcome some difficult moments. Prince Harry had to face his parents’ divorce and then his mother’ death. These two unfortunate situations helped Prince Harry grow up and become a responsible adult. Nevertheless, that was not easier. It seems that Prince Harry did a lot of things that brought him in the media attention, mainly on the first page of tabloids.

Prince Harry was involved in many scandals. One of the most serious, but also popular ones took place when he dressed up as a Nazi for a party. He did not stop here. Prince Harry was photographed while he and his friends were taking marijuana. After, Prince Harry had to apologize publicly, promising this will never happen again. Prince Harry did not had great grades and so, he enrolled in military. The prince is also responsible with taking over the Queen’s duties when she is too busy or travels. It seems that Prince Harry is not the rebel child anymore, but a man who is able to solve problems and represent the British people. The Prince is also very appreciated for his great sense of humor, but we do not know if he is only making jokes or he is a sensitive man who tries to get rid all the attention and live his life normally. As a royal figure, his private life is compromised, being followed by paparazzi all the time.

Harry was also his brother’s groomsman at his wedding with Kate Middleton. The moment was very important and was watched by millions of people all around the world. Prince Harry was once again in media attention. He has a lot of fans, mainly women, who dream to become his wife. His past love relationships were not too stable, but in the future he may find the right woman to share his life with. She may be a royal figure or not, but this will surely be an important event, too.

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