Prince Harry – Always In The Spotlight

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Prince Harry is one of those celebrities that need no presentation, but people are very curious about his personal life. Harry is not just a celebrity, he is also a royal figure, the fourth grandchild of Queen Elisabeth The Second and Prince Philip. His parents are also very famous: the Prince Charles Of Wales and Diana Princess of Wales. Prince Harry is loved by the public, but is also controversial or at least became so after the scandals he was implied into. Prince Harry had to publicly apologize for what he has done and promising he will be more responsible in the future. Prince Harry seems to always smile, so he is also called “Prince Happy”.

He is known for having several relationship, but a long- term relationship was that with Chevy Chelsea which was very debated by the media. Many girls from Great Britain would like to become Prince Harry’s lover or wife because he is handsome, famous, cute and rich. Prince Harry is also known for his charity work in which he implied a lot. He visited many hospitals or centers for children with problems to help them, but his mother was the first who brought him there. He was devastated by her mother’s death, Princess Diana, as well as his brother, William. Prince Harry involved into military service and when the Queen is busy or is not there, he takes her duties.

Prince Harry is a constant subject for the media and he always has to pay attention to what he says and to what he does. His private life is more important than what he does as a royal figure. Prince Harry seems to be a happy person, optimistic and for some, not very mature yet. As well as any other celebrity, he has a lot of fans and there are also special websites created especially for him or for the royal family. Because he comes from a Royal family, he will always be in the spotlight and keeping his privacy will be hard, but he already knows that is how things are and will be.

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