Prince Harry – An Eligible Bachelor Having a Hard Time Finding Love

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Prince Harry, in its full title His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, is the royal figure who many girls dream about. Even though he is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, it seems that Prince Harry has a a hard time finding love. His personal life was much debated, especially due to this 5-year relationship with Chelsy Davy. Prince Harry referred to Chelsy as his girlfriend in an interview conducted for his 21st birthday. At that time, it seems that they had been going out for 18 months. This on and off relationship lasted for 5 years and ended after Chelsy left the country.

However, it seems that Chelsy stated that she is not looking forward to a life of royal duties, so she chose to leave Prince Harry. Whether Prince Harry was or was not heartbroken, I am sure that many girls dream about marrying him and becoming princesses. Nevertheless, Prince Harry recently confessed that it is very difficult to find a partner who is not scared off by the fact that he is part of the Royal family and needs to fulfill his job as best as possible. And Chelsy is the best example in this aspect. However, many would say that Prince Harry has a flare for blondes, since he was spotted chatting with a blonde beauty, just outside the Brompton Club in South Kensington, where he was attending a party.

Nicely dressed in a smart blue shirt and black trousers, this presentable young man was attracted to a blonde lady wearing a white dress and black tights. Both of them looked deep in conversation, although the party girl was smoking a cigarette. This must not have pleased the Royal family, but it surely caught the eye of paparazzi. Although Prince Harry left the party at about 1:20am, unaccompanied, it seems that he is finally making progress with the ladies. Strangely or not, the blonde left the club together with a couple of male friends, whom with she shared a taxi. While Prince Harry is complaining about his difficulty in finding “the one”, it is hard to take pity on him, since he was also spotted with dancers and beauty queens on his latest Caribbean tour.

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