Prince Harry and Chelsy May Get Back Together

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Prince Harry, the younger son of The Prince of Wales, is definitely considered by some people ‘the black sheep’ of the British Royal Family. This is because his tumultuous life has always been on the spotlight, especially due to the stormy relationship that Prince Harry had with Chelsy Davy. Their on-and-off relationship began in 2004, but Prince Harry decided to end it in 2009. However, rumor has it that Prince Harry and Chelsy are considering getting back together. The press went crazy, and soon the interest in the couple grew once again, as now everybody is talking about them.

It all began when Prince Harry and Chelsy had a romantic dinner at her Belgravia flat. It is said that during this romantic dinner, when Chelsy cooked for the Prince, they discussed the possibility of a reunion, after remembering old times. Prince Harry poured his heart out to Chelsy and he confessed that he wants to get back together with her. Unfortunately, Prince Harry will be away for several months, because he has to go back to California, for more helicopter training. While this separation is inevitable, a friend of the couple confessed that Prince Harry is eager to reconcile with Chelsy, and she is considering giving him another chance. No wonder thus that their romantic dinner extended until the early hours. Prince Harry also said that while he had some time off and he enjoyed a summer of flirting and meeting other girls, no other woman compares to Chelsy, so he wants her back as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the first time they were together did not end up so well, so Chelsy is still skeptical and she has some reservations about having Prince Harry back into her life. The fact that Chelsy does not want to be a princess may also have an important part in her decision. So we will have to wait and see if Prince Harry and Chelsy will give it another go, but there is no doubt that everybody is eager to find out the outcome of this fairytale.

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