Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Are Back Together

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After the very public naked photo scandal, Prince Harry lost not only a share of his dignity, but also his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. However, rumor has it that Cressida has forgiven the royal rebel and the two are back together.

The royal chopper pilot and the 23-year-old model broke up in the wake of his naked photo scandal, when he was seen at a bachelor party in Las Vegas partying naked and hanging with other women. The controversy blew up and had media worldwide reporting on Harry’s deed. It also led to plenty of shame for the royal family, so no wonder that Prince Harry was shipped off to Afghanistan for 4 months soon after the big scandal.


In Afghanistan, the Prince was the center of a Taliban attack on his base. While British and American forces said that Harry was not in danger, as he was safely within the base, the incident may have brought a change of heart of the 28-year-old.

According to a source cited by RadarOnline, “as soon as he landed in Afghanistan, Harry missed Cressida“. The source also explained the reasons behind their breakup: “They parted in a complicated fashion. Their relationship was on hold following the revelation of the nude photos in Las Vegas and because of Harry’s plans to link up with the British army the pair decided to put their romance on hold.

While in Afghanistan, Harry and Cressida stayed in touch and constantly talked over cell phone. “Harry still had feelings for Cressida when he left the UK, and he stayed in touch with her, despite being stationed over a thousand miles away“, the insider added.

Moreover, Prince Harry recently poured his heart out to the beautiful model and it seems that this strategy worked for him. “They’ve had heart to heart conversations over the phone and Harry told Cressida that he couldn’t wait to see her when he got back. He admitted he missed her and wanted things to go back to normal when he returns. She feels exactly the same way and is willing to give their relationship another shot“, said the yet unknown source.


When the naked photo scandal blew up in August, it did not seem as the couple would get back together, especially after an insider told the Mirror that “Harry has blown it. Cressida saw a future with Harry but then he went and embarrassed her like he did in Vegas“.

Cressida Bonas and Harry met through Princess Eugenie, who is friends with the leggy blonde. Her mother, Lady Mary-Gaye, is an heir to the rich Curzon banking family and her father, Jeffrey Bonas, is a blue blooded successful entrepreneur and businessman. Reportedly, the two started dating in July. Time will tell if they will end up together or will go on separate ways.

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