Prince Harry And His Main Sportive Passions

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Prince Harry is one of the public figures that is always in the spotlight. Since Prince William got married, everyone turned to the younger royal to see what more can he provide for the media in terms of scandals and events. However, in the recent period, we have learned more and more about Harry’s role in the Diamond Jubilee and in a variety of other royal duties, which have kept him far from other aspects. One of the things that the media could focus more on are Prince Harry’s sportive passions and the various types of developments that these take throughout the year.

There are several sides to the way in which these passions for sport can be considered. For once, we have seen Harry participate in a lot of friendly games in various locations around the world, some of them for charity, others for simple fun. There have been games in which he played with children, which were matches supposed to benefit these children in a way or another. We also have seen the young prince on stadiums, where he watched, alongside with his friends, various types of sportive events. Rugby and polo are the main types of sports in which he is interested in watching and in playing. Polo is the sport Harry takes on for various competitions, as well as for charities. He played for the army when he was in Sandhurts and in the match between Young England and Young Australia in Sydney. The involvement in rugby had a major breakthrough in 2004, when Harry was the Rugby Development Officer for the Rugby Football Union. He volunteered in schools, in order to help children understand the importance of playing sports in general and most of all of playing rugby in particular.

These sportive passions have managed to create a great image for the young prince. From the fact that he never misses the important sportive events in which England is involved, people can see the true patriotism of Prince Harry and the fact that he is a great supporter of these sports from the royal family’s part. More to this, his passion is even more obvious in the fact that he also plays these sports, which means that he is a passionate athlete. The love for sports and for good causes have made Prince Harry become involved in helping children take up sports.

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