Prince Harry And His US Trip

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Since a few months ago, Prince Harry announced the press that he is planning to take a trip in the United States of America. The timing of the visit of Prince Harry in the States is great, because he was persecuted by the media. In the last month, journalists from England were eager to find if Prince Harry really has a connection with pop star Mollie King. The visit of the prince in America was greatly planned, so he could escape all the scenarios that people built about his life. Prince Harry traveled to Washington. He received a humanitarian award for all the effort he puts into his charity work with the injured military personnel. Charming as always, Prince Harry had a wonderful speech at the gala and described those with whom he works as wonderful people. he considered this is the best way to pay a tribute to those who are making sacrifices.

Prince Harry was also present to the Warrior Games while traveling to the United States of America. This is a paralympic sport event that took place in Colorado. In the competitions participate injured and sick military personnel and also veterans. The British team was accompanied by Prince Harry himself, who kept an eye on those who participated. The English competed in swimming, volleyball, archery and cycling. At the place where the event took place, Prince Harry even had the chance to meet the wife of the American vice president, Jill Biden.

Prince Harry works with these people together with his brother, Prince William. They both say that their charity is only a help for the heroes, as those people made immense sacrifices for their country and for the safety of all its inhabitants. The Walking With The Wounded foundation is only one of those in which Prince Harry is involved. He does this job with an enormous pleasure and he is happy that he can help the men and women that had the chance to fight in order to regain hope for everybody. The US trip of Prince Harry was wonderful and he declared that he cannot expect to visit the country once again.

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