Prince Harry Charity Work And Scandals

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Prince Harry was always in the media attention and harassed by paparazzi. Prince Harry is a royal figure, being the son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and the grandson of Queen Elisabeth II. Prince Harry’s life is very beautiful and apparently very easy, but is it really so? Prince Harry private life is always endangered as he has to be careful with all that he does, the way he dresses, behaves and talks. Prince Harry has thousands of fans all around the world, especially women that find him very attractive and appreciate his sense of humor. He has always been described as a very happy man, but was also involved in several scandals for which he had to apologize publicly.

Although Prince Harry was used with cameras since he has little, his private life is still difficult. Moreover, being a public and royal figure, he has to be accompanied by bodyguards. It is safe for him this way, but it is annoying to have someone that goes with you everywhere. Regarding academics, Prince Harry had poor grades, so decided to enroll in the military. Harry was also photographed while drinking alcohol and using drugs along with his friends. This was not a positive thing for his public image, but meanwhile, Prince Harry has grown up and became more responsible.

His love relationships were also on the first pages of tabloids. It was very difficult for him to keep them private as all the eyes were on him. Prince Harry has often been compared to his brother, William, who seemed to be more good-tempered, calm and was not involved in so many scandals as his brother did. One important thing which demonstrates that Prince Harry has changed is his involvement in charities and when the Queen is too busy, he takes on her duties. He is able to discuss difficult topics and to organize important events for the British people and for the society. He probably inherited his kindness from his mother, who was also involved in charity works.

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