Prince Harry Dances in Jamaica

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Prince Harry has been featured in a lot of news and articles lately. If you are wondering what the young royal has been up to in the past few weeks, you should know that he made his official visit to Jamaica. During this appearance in the exotic country, news agents and tabloids focused on the Prince in order to catch a glimpse at him doing something interesting or most worthy of a little gossip. The thing that turned heads, first of all, was the fashion style exposed by the royal representative. He displayed a very casual and trendy collection of foot wear. One of the most viewed and commented upon items of this kind were the blue swede shoes worn during his visit in Kingston, Jamaica, at a local youth project. 

On his latest appearance around the world, Prince Harry made headlines after dancing in Kingston, Jamaica. The young royal was invited to admire a dance performance. During the event, one of the dancers, Chantol Dormer, asked Prince Harry to dance with her. As a result, the recent news involving Prince Harry coveted his royal moves to the One Love song, by Bob Marley. People all around the world delighted in admiring Prince Harry breaking a move with the native dancer. Most comments revolved on the talents and skills exposed by Prince Harry and the fact that he really seemed to know what he was doing. All the body moves and facial expressions were in perfect accordance with the style of the music and even impressed the local Jamaicans witnessing the act.

The tour of Jamaica initiated by Prince Harry early on is aimed at celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The appearances made so far have focused on charity works and other social issues. However, these have also provided Prince Harry with the chance to make even more headlines and to have some fun. The recent news to cover this tour focus on his dancing to Bob Marley’s song. Further on, his fans and admirers are waiting to see what else is Prince Harry going to do while in Jamaica.

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