Prince Harry Dating Mollie King Rumors

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Prince Harry has been on the recent media news for many reasons since the year of 2012 started. For once, Prince Harry was elected to represent the royal family during the Diamond Jubilee, which took a lot of time and ensured many public appearances for the prince. In addition to this, spending the Easter vacation in Romania gave the media even more to speak about. After presenting the works for the royal family and the vacations taken, it was only natural that people started to focus on who Prince Harry was dating at the moment. Even though no recent rumors came out since he moved into his own bachelor pad, Prince Harry is now connected to Mollie King. The rumor is still fresh, with the claim that they have just began dating, although they have known each other for some time.

The love life surrounding the young royal has always been an interesting topic for people, but confirmations or any other kind of related news were never the case. With Mollie King, the situation is the same. Speculations have been raised several days ago, but the office of the prince refuses to make any type of comments on this type of subject. The information that came out so far about the new couple is related to the fact that Prince Harry and Mollie King have just started dating, but they already seem to be madly in love with each other. They supposedly met before at a polo match, during which the chemistry of the two was obvious.

Mollie King is a pop singer, part of the band called The Saturdays. She is 24 years old and looks stunning. People believe that the young singer is the perfect match for Prince Harry and that the two of them will be seen more and more together from now on. However, the relationship is just starting to surface between Prince Harry and Mollie King and therefore only time will tell if she is the one for him. Prince Harry is one of the most desired bachelors now and he is bound to make the choice for the perfect woman after careful considerations.

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