Prince Harry – Great For Vegas Tourism

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The recent scandal that Prince Harry has been involved in has put the city of Las Vegas back on the map. It seems that Prince Harry, involuntarily, managed to make Las Vegas the number one tourist destination in the United States.


Vegas officials recently declared that the free publicity the scandal has made this city has been great. In fact, the publicity that Prince Harry’s latest scandal brought Las Vegas is believed to be worth no less than $23 million. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has recently released a report in which it states that Harry’s naked pictures were accessed by over 154 million people. The pictures were taken in Harry’s hotel room in Las Vegas, back in August 2012. Since that moment about 2 million people have seen Harry’s naked photos per day.

The figures are amazing, but how much tourism has been generated by this free publicity, cannot be estimated. However, it is believed that the whole story has represented quite an impressive boost in Las Vegas tourism. “Good bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money,” Las Vegas officials declared according to TMZ.

Below you can check out one of the pictures Vegas officials are talking about. The story was first published by celebrity site TMZ.

Officials have launched this summer a new campaign to promote Las Vegas tourism. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas has always been a motto of the city. However, things were not actually like that for Prince Harry, as what he did in Vegas reached the whole world. Las Vegas officials believe that when people saw how much fun the city can be, through Harry’s photos, they became more willing to visit it.

Currently, Prince Harry is fighting in the Middle East, so he is quite far away from the scandal. Neither the Prince nor the Royal Family have spoken about the event. However, this is not the first naked scandal the Royal Family is facing. Earlier this summer, Kate Middleton naked photos were leaked on the Internet.


Prince Harry is now in Afghanistan, as he had to leave his base at Camp Bastian, in Helmand Province, which was attacked last month by the Taliban. The prince spend 10 weeks in the region back in 2007, as well.

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