Prince Harry Heading Back To The States

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The ladies who love Prince Harry and live in America will surely not be disappointed to hear the latest news concerning the charming modern prince. Prince Harry is heading back to the States. In 2011, Prince Harry lived in California and Arizona, as he joined a training class on Apache helicopters. Apparently, Prince Harry is in love with the United States of America and enjoyed greatly the time spent in the country. Well, on May 7 he will be in Washington DC to accept one very important award. Prince Harry will travel to the American capital for the Atlantic Council’s 2012 Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership. As he loves working with charitable organizations and he even started his own charity, dedicated to his mother, Lady Di, Prince Harry also deserves a prize that recognizes his merits in this extremely important domain.

For Prince Harry, this prize is a great honor, even more because this is offered on behalf of the military veterans, the servicemen, their wives and families. Being extremely happy to be honored in such a wonderful manner, Prince Harry released a statement. Through this, he emphasized the fact the he will be receiving the honor also in the name of his brother, Prince William. They often worked together and they even founded an organization together, named Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. The prince stated the fact that he is very happy that his and his brother’s work is recognized and appreciated.

Prince Harry is also very proud of the fact that his brother and his sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, are very appreciated in the United States of America. In July 2011, they made a tour through the country and they had a great time. Soon, Prince Harry will head to America and after the award ceremony he will attend in Washington DC, he will head to Colorado. The young prince will attend an important party with the British ambassador and with war veterans from the United Kingdom and from the United States of America. His visit is greatly expected, especially by his female fans who hope to meet him in person.

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