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Prince Harry was portrayed by the international, but mainly British press, as the opposite of what his brother is like. So, Prince Harry it seems to be funnier, with a great sense of humour, and also involved in many scandals that were on the first page of tabloids. His love relationships were not stable and he liked to party very much. The good thing about Prince Harry is that he decided to follow a military career and so he enrolled in. Prince Harry was also called The Happy Prince due to the fact that he always smiles and is in a great mood. Apart from his optimism, Prince Harry was involved in scandals that made him be on the first page of tabloids and not only. This happened when Prince Harry admitted that he took marijuana. After, Prince Harry followed a complete treatment to make sure that he will not be addicted and will have no health problems.

His parents’ divorce happened when Prince Harry was only 8, and his mother death, Princess Diana, took place when he was only 12, so he suffered a major loss at an early age. His life is very controversial, one of the rumours being that his father is not Prince Charles, but a lover of his mother. However, Prince Harry does not care too much about that as usually, there are many things said about celebrities, so he is not the first or the last that goes thorough something like that.

One of the most recent, but also important moments when Prince Harry was again in the media attention, happened at his brother’s wedding with Kate Middleton. He was the best man and it is said that he is getting very well with his sister-in-law. Another reason that makes Prince Harry appreciated is his charity work, which he learned it from his mother, Princess Diana. In addition, when the Queen is busy or on a trip, he replaces her and takes over her duties. He proves that can do that very well, being very responsible and involved.

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