Prince Harry in the 2012 Diamond Jubilee

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The Diamond Jubilee is an international celebration of the royal house of the United Kingdom. Usually, Queen Elizabeth was the one to perform the world-wide tours for her honor. However, in the past years, the Queen decided to leave the international visits to her children and grandchildren and only to take visits in the United Kingdom. Through these series of events, the one performing the Diamond Jubilee of 2012 was Prince Harry. For his first international outing in the name of the royal house, Prince Harry had to go through several countries and to participate in a variety of events. The royal suitors and staff followed him around and made sure that Prince Harry had a pleasant and fun trip, while still performing the royal duties he had for the Jubilee.

The tour for 2012 included Belize, Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil. Prince Harry engaged in a variety of events and activities. The main focus was to participate in charitable events and to show his support for a variety of causes. This was an easy task for the young royal, as he is customarily opened to charitable work and has followed in his mother’s foot steps through foundations and acts. The media focused on catching Prince Harry in more interesting positions. Therefore, there are many articles on how Prince Harry was dressed and what were his manners in the visited regions. Another major element of the Diamond Jubilee visits was Prince Harry dancing to traditional music or to a specific genre representative for the country.

Throughout the entire Diamond Jubilee tour, Prince Harry showed that he was able to fulfill the royal duties, which were instated in him by the Queen, and still manage to have fun and enter in activities suitable for his age. The young Prince was concerned with meeting the requirements of the royal house for this visit and confessed that he truly hoped he made his grandmother proud. Even though this recent involvement in the royal activities, Prince Harry is expected to return to his military career this year, as he is supposed to be back in the front-line in Afghanistan.

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