Prince Harry Is a True Hero

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Prince Harry is Britain’s most wanted bachelor. He is third in line for the throne, son of late Princess of Hearts, Diana, one of the best-dressed men in the UK and a dedicated philanthropist. Add his handsomeness and you got yourself the perfect prince charming. However, there is so much more to Prince Harry than this. Recently, Prince Harry proved that he is also a hero. Last month, Prince Harry was attending a polo match in Campinas, Brazil, in order to raise funds for his charity, Sentebale. The charity was founded to help children in African Kingdom of Lesotho, where poverty is all around.

This is not why Prince Harry is a hero, though. During the polo match, one of the participants fell of his horse after a collision with two other riders. The polo player who crashed is 41-year-old Mr Kazi, who is chef executive of the US defense technology firm KIG. Right after he fell, Prince Harry did not hesitate in leaping from his horse and coming to the rescue of Mr Kazi. Prince Harry rolled the rider on to his side and put him in the recovery position. The injured rider regained consciousness rapidly, but he has little recollection of what happened. Mr Kazi stated that he only remembers waking up to the blue eyes of Prince Harry looking down at him. Nevertheless, he also stated that he is very grateful to Prince Harry and is very proud of his actions, despite them being opponents in the match.

Medical experts stated that Prince Harry might have saved Mr Kazi’s life, since he actioned very promptly, with the confidence and skills that every sportsman should have. The incident was minor and Mr Kazi only suffered a minor concussion. Nevertheless, Prince Harry’s reaction speaks for itself. This should come as no surprise, though, considering that Prince Harry is an Afghanistan veteran and that he received proper training in trauma handling. First aid is something that everyone should know. Prince Harry has both the knowledge and the skills, so he is definitely someone to look up to. He is a true hero!

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