Prince Harry Looks For The Right Woman

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Prince Harry is a famous and important royal figure. He is one of the most wanted bachelors in the world. After his brother, Prince William, married a woman who has nothing to do with royalty, a lot of girls think it is very possible to happen the same thing to them. Prince Harry is famous also for his sense of humor and spontaneity. Lately, his outfits have been a debated topic in many newspapers. He is always in the limelight, so it is very difficult for him to keep his personal life private. His long-term relationship with Chelsy was very debated and there have emerged a lot of rumors. The two split in 2010, so many girls dream they will become his wife.

Prince Harry ended his relationship with a lingerie model to focus on his training in the military. He explained that he is too busy and taking on royal duties it is difficult. Prince Harry still hopes that he will find the right girl, like his brother, a woman who knows how to act and who wants such a lifestyle. Several times, Prince Harry said that he wished to be normal  and have an ordinary life, without being harassed by the media. Prince Harry also wishes to have more free time for a relationship, but for the moment, this is impossible.

There have been said many things about his relationships with different women, but there are no true proofs that things happened that way. Moreover, Prince Harry knows that a lot of untrue things are told in the media, so this does not surprise him anymore. Nevertheless, Prince Harry is a mature man now, taking on his duties, trainings and being more responsible. Prince Harry still has not lost his sense of humor and that makes him irresistible for many women. Prince Harry is not known now only for the scandals he has been involved in, but also for his charity works, military training and royal duties.

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