Prince Harry – Man Of The Year

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Prince Harry, who has been involved in numerous scandals in the past few months, was recently named Man of the Year, by Tatler magazine. The event is quite surprising, actually Prince Harry being the second man to be featured on the front page of the magazine, after his father, Prince Charles, in 1992.

Well, Prince Harry is the 2012 Man of the Year on Tatler magazine’s November issue, so there is no wonder that the famous royal family member is featured on the magazine cover. The cover photo was taken earlier this year, when Prince Harry took a trip to the Bahamas in which he represented the Crown. The 28 year old prince wears a military uniform in the photo.


This issue of Tatler magazine is expected to be spectacular. “Harry made an executive decision a few years ago to go only for girls who had enough to lose by going to the press. Consequently, those he has tended to pursue come from a very small catchment. This, maddening though it is for the girls, who all tend to know one another, has been the key to keeping his sex life out of the public domain,” Taler magazine reported according to International Business Times.

In this latest issue, Tatler magazine reveals that the scandal in which Prince Harry got involved during his latest trip to Las Vegas is not the first embarrassing situation he faced until today. During a house party dating back to 2007, Prince Harry was photographed inhaling a laughing gas balloon in the background. The photo was deleted by the star’s security guards, the magazine reported.


So, inside the magazine, Prince Harry talks about the incident of him smoking cannabis during his last trip to Las Vegas. During this trip, Prince Harry was photographed naked playing strip billiards. The whole event turned out being a huge scandal. There is no wonder after all that Tatler magazine refers to Prince Harry as Dirty Harry.

Tatler magazine is surely expected to be a great success. After all, this is the first time in the last two decades when a man has fronted the famous magazine. And that man is actually the most popular royal family member at the moment: Prince Harry. Last year, Kate Middleton was featured in Tatler magazine, too.

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