Prince Harry Matureness

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Prince Harry is a royal figure, famous all over the world. He actually grown up being surrounded by the media and many famous people from all over the world. He has an interesting life, having the opportunity to know so many people and having famous parents, Charles and Diana. Plus, Prince Harry also travelled a lot. He was always in the lime light, being famous for his sense of humor, but also for the scandals he was involved in. Prince Harry had to publicly apologise and promise he will never repeat such things. Over the recent years, Prince Harry  has grown up and proved that he is not a rebel and irresponsible teenager anymore.

The speech  that he had at  his brother William wedding party, Prince Harry proved that has not lost his wonderful sense of humor, but is still more mature and responsible for what he does. Although his academics was not successful, Prince Harry enrolled in the military field and is very good at that. He also involved in many charities, continuing what his mother, Princess Diana, taught him when he was still a child. Prince Harry also takes over the Queen’s duties, this being an important proof that he is much more responsible than the public used to know him.

Moreover, Prince Harry participates in many events and has started to be very appreciated for his fashion style. There are rumours in the media that he is advised by his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, who is a fashion icon. At the end, it does not matter if he has a personal fashion stylist or he follows Kate’s recommendations, the most important being that he is getting more and more mature, as well as responsible. Losing his mother at an  early age, was very difficult for Prince Harry,  but this helped him become more mature at the same time. Additionally, it is very difficult for him to have a private life without being harassed by the media and paparazzi. Nonetheless, Prince Harry has already assumed his life and strives to keep his personal life private.

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