Prince Harry Moves Out

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Prince Harry is now not only the brother of Prince William, but also his neighbor. How is that? Recently, Prince Harry returned from a long trip he took in name of his charity organization. He stayed for a while in the Caribbean and in Brazil and when he returned home, Prince Harry packed his bags once again, but not to leave his country. Apparently, Prince Harry moved out from Clarence House to his own bachelor pad. He is now living close to Prince William and Duchess Catherine in the Kensington Palace. Prince Harry only relocated near the newlyweds temporarily, as they also plan to move to another home the next year. As their home is being renovated in anticipation of their move, they are currently staying in the Kensington Palace, too. Prince Harry now occupies a one-bedroom apartment, but he will have a bigger place of his own, once William and Kate leave the palace.

Prince Harry is very happy with the new living arrangements, because he is now living on his own. Although the space he has at his disposal is not very big, Prince Harry is delighted by the fact that he is now living in other place, different than the one where he grew up. He matured and now needs to have his own place. “The neighbors” are very pleased with Prince Harry living next to them, because he is very close to his brother, Prince William and also to his beautiful sister-in-law, Kate.

The brothers talked about Prince Harry doing this step some time ago, so when he had the chance to move out of his childhood home, he did it. All three of them: Prince Harry, Prince William and the Duchess are very close and attend a lot of private events together. They are also committed to public events altogether and this will not change, according to a source close to the Royal Family. Until this moment, Prince Harry is delighted to have freedom and to enjoy his own apartment. Next year, when William and Kate will move out, he will be the one that will move into the place they now occupy.

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