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By now, everyone knows who Prince Harry is. He does not need any kind of introduction, as the press makes sure that his name is recognized in every single corner of the world. As the paparazzi are always stocking Prince Harry, the newspapers and magazines are filled with articles about him. The Internet is not to be neglected either, so here are some of the most recent knows about his royalty, Prince Harry. As the 2012 Olympics is approaching and will be held in London, what better ambassadors of the event than the youngest members of the British Royal Family?

Prince William, Catherine and Prince Harry have been named ambassadors of the British sportspeople. This is not just a symbolic role, as they also have to make sure that the athletes are being properly promoted. At the end of November, Prince Harry was once again in the spotlight, after he jumped to the rescue of a friend who was robbed. While having a conversation with Prince Harry on the phone, Thomas van Straubenzee was robbed, his mobile phone being stolen. Prince Harry immediately rushed to the scene, and then to the police station, where he gave a statement and was considered a witness. Prince Harry thus proved that his proper education and fellowship spirit overcome any kind of danger, so he is not thinking twice when a friend is in need.

And since November was mentioned, you should know that a more recent blast about Prince Harry involves the worldwide renown actress from Sweet November, Charlize Theron. The two of them were spotted at a polo match and the rumors about them started to spread in no time. When invited on Piers Morgan’s show, Charlize Theron shocked the entire audience when she stated that she and Prince Harry are married and she is pregnant. The statement was, obviously, a joke. She then said that she and Prince Harry know each other due to a project they plan on doing in Africa. She also stated that she considers Prince Harry to be charming and admires all the good work he is doing in Africa.

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