Prince Harry Responsability

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Prince Harry is very popular as he is a royal figure, but also due to the scandals he was involved in and his royal family. His parents’ divorce and his mother’s death represented very difficult moments in his early life. The media always described Prince Harry as a happy man, optimistic, but how can we be sure that is actually like that and not a mask that he uses when he is in the public? All of us wear masks, even without being aware of that, but this does not mean that it does not happen. Or, we think we are what others say we are, but is this true or  should we begin to rediscover ourselves? Prince Harry used marijuana and was forced to publicly apologise for that, as well as for many other scandals that brought him on the first pages of tabloids. At the first glance, anyone would say that he is a rich guy and very spoiled, but he may have had a few problems that led to using marijuana.

Losing his mother at an early age and also being almost all the time in the public eye, then having a step mother, were a few events in his life that could have affected Prince Harry. Unfortunately, we are used to judge a book by its cover, without being able to see what is behind, so this might have happened with Prince Harry, too.

However, lately, Prince Harry proved that he has grown up and that now he is a responsible young man that is capable to take on the Queen’s duties when she travels or is too busy. Charity work and involving in many social projects that are important to the British are also a proof that Prince Harry is not who he was anymore. Actually, Prince Harry underwent the same stages that almost all of us do: we are rebel during our teenage and to bad things without thinking too much about it and without being responsible. Prince Harry will become even more responsible and appreciated for his responsibility sense and for his future contributions to the British people.

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