Prince Harry Returns From Afghanistan

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Prince Harry returns home after four months of military service in Afghanistan. He arrived at the snowy RAF Brize Norton base in Oxfordshire, England, on Wednesday. He was at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, where he served as an Apache helicopter pilot/gunner.


Prince Harry declared he has enjoyed the blue sky and a bit of comedy and said that he hopes to “take on more royal stuff” in 2013: “Given the opportunity, I’d like to take on more royal stuff, to the extent that, pre-deployment, I’ve been very busy – hopefully there’ll be a few gaps that open up.” Harry also mentioned that he had shot at Taliban insurgents while he was an Apache helicopter co-pilot gunner.


When he was asked about the pregnancy of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, he said: “I’m longing to see my brother and sister-in-law, as with any of the soldiers who’ve just come off the plane after four-and-half months away.”

Although he has just returned from Afghanistan, Harry was spotted going wild at a house party in South West London. The UK Telegraph reported: “Music blared out onto the street and Prince Harry emerged at 10am before being taken home by his royal protection officers who had waited patiently outside.”


Later, he was taken by his protection officers: “Onlookers said even with his tan and battle hardened physique, he looked dishevelled and bleary eyed as he was driven off in a black Range Rover.”

Harry admitted that he was busting to see his friends and colleagues after his return from Afghanistan. He also added: “I really am longing to catch up with people behind closed doors – you guys aren’t invited,” he said in a recent interview.”


Lately, Prince Harry has struggled to get rid of his playboy prince reputation, mainly after several pictures were taken with him naked in a Las Vegas hotel. Nonetheless, pictures with him performing weapons checks in his helicopter, making tea for his fellow pilots and fighting in Afghanistan have rehabilitated his image.

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