Prince Harry Risking His Life In Afghanistan

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Prince Harry is currently serving a four month term in Afghanistan and it seems that the star is not getting a preferential treatment. The 28 years old Captain Harry Wales actually is in the middle of the war zone, as The Sun reported on Sunday.


“He’s in the thick of it and is one of the lads. He’s genuinely liked and respected by his comrades and if people think flying an Apache in a war zone is privileged child’s play they’re on another planet,” the source explained.

Until now, Prince Harry has been involved in many dangerous missions, even though his duty in Afghanistan has only began about 4 week ago. Harry is part of a 4 men rescue crew, identifying and firing on the enemy. The prince has also saved a severe injured soldier, protecting him against fire. It surely looks like Harry is fearless in war and he needs no preferential treatment.


Harry is part of a team that takes the air and destroys enemies or provides cover for other aircraft, as soon as there is an alert. Harry is one of the best pilots at Camp Bastion. “He can sat in a deckchair for hours then scrambled immediately. When in the air his role is diverse. This is no game and Harry is on the frontline of a terrifying war,” the same source claimed.

It seems that Harry is very committed to what he does and this is why his comrades respect and really like him. He is a great pilot and Harry does not fear the war.


Prince Harry is actually risking his life in Afghanistan. “He’s genuinely risking his life in a warzone because he loves the Army and his country,” the source told The Sun.

And maybe this is exactly what Harry is doing. By the time when Harry arrived in Afghanistan, a Taliban spokesperson claimed that the group will make a goal out of kidnapping and killing the prince. Taliban commanders were asked to do whatever it takes to capture and kill Harry. In a previous attack, two US Marines were killed, while others were injured, but Prince Harry was several miles away from the incidents.


Currently, Prince Harry is at Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan. This is the second time when the star is deployed in the country, previously being here in 2008. Due to his military work, Prince Harry is one of the most decorated Royals in modern time. He has three more months to spend in Afghanistan. There has been no official statement from the Palace to commend upon Harry’s time in Afghanistan.

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